Monday, January 18, 2016

Book Report & Giveaway: The Lost Heiress by Rosanna M. White

~~Downton Abbey meets The Little Princess
~~Grand enough for Masterpiece Theatre
~~An intriguing story of undiscovered identity
~~Aristocratic Secrets unravel in a brilliant
       plot of love and social power...

Roseanna M. White has taken a place on my favorite author list with her Love Inspired Love Finds You in Annapolis, and further built her popularity with her intelligent balance of plot and romance in the Culper Ring series. The Lost Heiress doesn't disappoint, as I knew it wouldn't.

Set in 1920, when British Colonial powers were still felt in India and Africa, Brook Eden leaves her Mediterranean home, the only home she's ever known, on a quest to Yorkshire, England, to discover what has always been missing--her true identity. When childhood friend and soon to be duke, Justin Wildon, uncovers proof she needs, he delivers her to the place of her beginnings.

Will the strengthened bonds with her father, rekindled after near two decades of searching, be enough to survive the unraveling mysteries of her mother's death?

Will the responsibilities of the dukedom that call Justin away, divide his attention and pull him further from the one endeavor worthy of his time? Will he return in time to save Brook from the same hidden threat that led to her mother's tragic loss?


The second in the series releases April 5th of this year, so you have time to read the first book before then! Aren't the book covers elegant?

Q: What inspired you to write this series most?
Q: Have you ever traveled to England?
Q: What have you enjoyed the most about writing a series set in 1910 after specializing in the colonial era for so long?

Q: Are you a Downton Abbey fan, and why?
Q: If you could have a service staff, which would you want most?
     A gardener? A cook? or a lady's maid?
Q: If you've been to England, what are the best places to visit?

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  1. This book looks amazing! It's been on my TBR list since it came out! I am a huge Downton fan and am so sad this is the last season. I think the "why" stand for itself. Great characters, great story line, great setting, great era! If I could have a staff member, I would definitely choose a cook!! And unfortunately I've never been to England.

  2. Thanks for having me, Anne and gals!

    The main idea of this book has been with me a long time--as in, I wrote the first draft when I was 12! But it used to be set in the 1860s. I'd already rewritten it about a gazillion times when my agent asked if I had anything set in the 1910s, as she had editors asking for it. I brushed this one off one more time and changed the setting--and a ton of plot points, too. And voila!

    I haven't been to England yet, no--but we're planning a trip this fall. =D A lady from my church has gone several times and brought me an etching of Whitby Abbey when this books released. So fun!

    As for the different eras...I really love history, so learning what sets each decade apart is always so much fun for me. In this one, I loved the clash of modern advances like phones and cars with the old way of life still in effect.

  3. I definitely would choose a cook if I had a choice. I hate to cook!

  4. I guess I'm greedy as I would love to have a cook, someone to clean, and a gardener to plant/tend flowers. However, you can forget the lady's maid- I like to be self-sufficient in some ways, and wouldn't enjoy someone hovering over me, lol.

    Roseanna always has beautiful book covers - I've heard many wonderful things about the beautiful story within the covers of "The Lost Heiress", also. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

    Shared post!!

  5. Do I love Downton? Absolutely!! Which servant? I'm with the others for a cook. The less I have to do in the kitchen the better. And I've had the honor of visiting England twice, London to be exact. Absolutely adore it, and hoping to return some day to visit other places outside the city.

  6. I do like Downton! I would have a cook and my husband would be a perfectly happy man :) Thank you for the giveaway! Both covers are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Love to check out England and not just London, but all the beautiful landscapes throughout this country. Just dropping in to say hello!

  8. Would love to have a cook. Hate to cook!!

  9. Hive never watched Dowtown Abby. I love to cook and garden, so I would choose a ladies maid and she could iron for me, as I hate ironing. I have never been to England, but would love t, so I could trace my ancestors that came from there. Thank you for a chance to win this book, as I have it on my must read list. Have a blessed day.

  10. I am a Downton fan! I love period pieces and I just get so wrapped up in the story! I think I would want a cook. Would save me soooo much time preping meals for my family. And I have never been to England, but would like to go someday.

  11. I would like a housekeeper! I hate cleaning! I'd much rather be reading a good book than scrubbing toilets or floors! Lol

  12. I do not watch tv so have not ever watched Downtown Abby but my choice would definitely be a maid. I hate cleaning.

  13. I rarely watch TV so I haven't seen Downton Abbey, but I keep thinking I should rent/borrow the season DVDs and catch up!

    As for a servant - I do not like to cook, so as awesome as it would be to have someone to do the gardening for me, I would enjoy having the cook so much more!

  14. Love Downton Abby, or any good period drama!
    I've never been to England but would love to one day.
    Would love to have a personal chef... I don't mind cooking and I love to bake, but it would certainly be a time saver.

  15. I loved Downtown Abby when it was on. I am sorry to see it go.


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