Monday, January 25, 2016

Anne's Top TV Picks

Winner of last week's give away of a copy of The Lost Heiress: Gail Hollingsworth! Yay, Gail!

Who doesn't love a winter evening spent by the fire, watching a fun TV drama and drinking hot chocolate (which, BTW, hot chocolate has been highly underrated on this blog!). Although the remote control is rarely in my possession at our house, I have managed to commandeer it for several of my TV favorites.

Many of our readers have asked about our favorite genres, books, and authors. When I don't have my nose in a book, I love spending some free time soaking up some TV favorites. And though I'm not a huge TV watcher and have been known to spend many a day off having never turned it on, I do have a list I love:

1. Downton Abbey: because, well, who doesn't love it? Such a classic. Superb acting. We enjoy having friends over on Sunday evenings to watch together!

2. Mercy Street: Masterpiece Theatre premiered this Civil War hospital drama last week. I am ecstatic! I love historical pieces, and those with medical history is all the more enticing for me. I have a little collection of antique medical books, and this story has me hooked! If you've never visited a Civil War museum, the one at Gettysburg is highly recommended. We visited it while staying in a bed and breakfast that had been used for a field hospital. If you haven't chosen a family summer vacation destination yet, consider Gettysburg.

3. NCIS: Light-hearted office camaraderie. Great characterization. Good crime mystery.

4. Castle: I love to see Castle's mind at work to solve a crime, through the eyes of a writer.

5. Bones: For Bones and Castle, I like the earlier seasons the best for the fun chemistry between the hero and heroine. But in Bones, I still love the crime solving, mixed with great science. Booth is sort of yesterday's cowboy, and Brennan is today's intelligent working woman who needs to be reminded to smile and have fun.

5. The Last Ship: This series is a speculative story of what our world might look like after a world-wide pandemic that wipes out communities, cities, and topples national powers. The story centers around a ship sent to find a cure, that returns home to find it might be too late. Again, I love the science--no surprise. But I love the interesting speculation too.

6. Finding Your Roots: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. showcases three well known public figures in each show and digs back through their family history using original documents and DNA. He's an expert in African-American history and often uncovers more of a family's roots than ever thought possible.

7. Who Do You Think You Are? This fun show features a celebrity in each episode, and takes their family tree back as far as possible. They show original documents, make site visits, and sometimes even connect with lost cousins from the mother country.

What next when Castle, Bones, and NCIS have nearly run their courses? I think I'm developing a Masterpiece Theatre addiction. I want to start at the beginning of Sherlock Holmes. And let's add Poldark, Home Fires, and the feature, Victoria, which is set to take the time slot from Downton Abbey!

Readers: What about you? What are your favorites?
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  1. We have NCIS and Castle in common! :) What a fun post. Perhaps I'll add my TV Faves on Wednesday and we can compare lists!

  2. NCIS for sure! Castle and Bones early years. I prefer watching Downton when I can do a marathon of a season at a time. Have fun! Thanks!

  3. My husband and I started watching the new XFiles last night, wow!
    I like the true like murder mysteries like you find on Dateline, 48 Hours, 20/20, etc.
    I also enjoy watching the transformations on The Biggest Loser and the celebrities on Dancing With the Stars.

    1. Ohhh, new X Files? We used to watch the olds ones. I'll look for that.

  4. I'm kinda of in the Stone Age as we don't have tv...but we do watch movies. I'm looking forward to watching Far from the Maddening Crowd and Shadowlands with my hubby soon. I have watched some Hallmark When Calls the Heart and they are VERY cheesy and grade C- acting, but I keep watching them sooo...ahem ;)

    1. Yes, I watched Far From the Maddening Crowd. The filming was wonderful, and I loved the choice for heroine and hero. :)

    2. I'm thinking I could Netflix WCTH sometime. Loved reading that years ago.

  5. Replies
    1. Ahhh, yes, another family history lover! :)


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