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Interview & #Giveaway with Miralee Ferrell

We are excited to have Miralee Ferrell here today. She has visited us before and we're excited to hear about her latest book and learn even MORE about this wonderful lady!


· How did you begin writing?

I started writing in 2005 after praying with a visiting pastor at our church. He shared that he felt the Lord was leading me toward writing and whatever type that might be, it needed to be published. I took that word seriously even though I’d had no thought of ever writing. A little over two years later my first book, The Other Daughter, released with Kregel Publications.

· Take us through a day in the life of you, the author (because some us picture you rise from bed, calmly pour your coffee, sit in a sunny little alcove, and write for eight hours before getting ready for a luxurious dinner out with your special someone) ;)

I’m not a morning person, so I tend to get a slow start to my day. I typically watch a little news while I’m eating breakfast and checking email—yes, all three at the same time, LOL! Then I move on to writing assignments, proofreading, editing, or whatever is pressing me most in my schedule. I take frequent breaks, and if I have a chance to spend time with my daughter for lunch, I’ll take that and set everything else aside. Family comes first in my life, but I’ll come home and jump back into the writing world until my brain is frazzled—then I’ll take the evening off (as long as I’m not under
deadline) and spend time with hubby.

· Tell us where you got the idea for your latest book and why you developed a passion to write it?

Blue Ribbon Trail Ride is the fourth book in the Horses and Friends series. The story line was a natural outgrowth of some things that happened in book three, but it also centers around one of my reader’s favorite characters, Pete, the six-year-old autistic brother of Kate, my heroine. I decided to include a mystery in this one (same as book 3) as so many readers love trying to solve a good mystery.

· Who is your favorite character in this book and why?I’d have to say Kate, my main character, due to her spiritual growth and emerging maturity over the course of the four books. She started out being upset & a bit resentful that her family had moved to a new area, and couldn’t see any good in the decision. As time passes, she comes to see God’s hand in the move, and learns to trust Him even though some difficult obstacles cross her path.

· What is the most important takeaway from your book that you hope your readers see?

There are really several, as I insert life lessons for middle-grade readers in all of the books in this series—everything from accepting others without judging, forgiving people who are unkind to you, and learning to trust God and your friends even when you’re hurting. The biggest lesson in this fourth book is trust—no matter how bad the circumstances appear to be

· If you were to be offered the opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or to back pack deep into the heart of the Swiss Alps, which would you do and why?
Definitely the Swiss Alps, because I could travel the valleys—I’m not crazy about heights, so I’d have to pass on climbing Kilimanjaro!

· And while you’re on this grand adventure, would it be necessary for you to have coffee or tea? (‘cause we’re split evenly in preference here at the CCC blog)
LOL! Definitely tea, either hot or iced, although my favorite is iced tea with a bit of sugar.

· If you had to write your novel long-hand, would you use a fine point Sharpie, a roller ball pen, a fountain pen, or a pencil?

I love a roller ball pen, but I’d be crossing out a ton of stuff and making a mess, so it would have to be a pencil with a VERY good eraser!

· Your favorite flavor of pie … because we’re heading into pie season!

Huckleberry!! But they’re so expensive to purchase anymore. I used to go to Mt Adams (45 min from home) with my mom to pick, but we both got to the place we decided it was too much work. But I LOVE them in a homemade pie—I have an awesome crust recipe that never fails.

· What are you currently working on in the book world?

A novella for an historical cowboy/Old West collection with three other authors called Heart of a Cowboy (that’s the series title) that will release mid-March of 2016.

· Lastly, will you leave us with a snippet from your book that is one of your favorites and gives us a glimpse into its pages?
Sure—this is when Kate and her best friend Tori accidently overhear a conversation between Kate’s parents about not being able to afford a special camp for Kate’s young autistic brother, Pete.

Kate sucked in a breath. “Wow. I thought my parents for sure they were going to say they were closing the boarding stable.”

Tori made a face. “Me too. I’m thankful they aren’t, but now I’m worried about Pete. That camp sounds like something that might help him a lot.”

“This is the first I’ve heard of it. I’m surprised Mom and Dad haven’t said anything about it before.”

“Maybe they didn’t want to get Pete’s hopes up. He might not say a lot, but he’s a smart kid.”

“I know.” Kate puckered her forehead in thought. “What do you say we call Colt and Melissa and see if we can figure out a way to make enough money to send Pete to camp?”

Tori pushed to her knees, her brown eyes sparkling. “Cool! Let’s go.”

Kate followed Tori down the ladder to the lower level. “We need to keep our voices down. Mom and Dad might think we were spying on them.” She bit her lip, feeling bad that she’d wanted to listen, and even worse that the first thing she’d thought about was losing the boarding stable, while Tori’s first though had been about Pete. But right now she was glad she’d been in the barn loft, or they’d never have known about the camp her family couldn’t afford. Somehow she and her friends must find a way to make a difference.


Miralee Ferrell’s debut novel released in the fall of 2007, and fifteen more have followed since. Her historical western romance, Love Finds You in Sundance, WY, won the Will Rogers Excellence in Western Fiction award in 2012, and her first book in the four-book Love Blossoms in Oregon series, Blowing on Dandelions, hit the ECPA Best Seller list. Since then she’s ventured into writing horse novels for middle-grade kids, and opened her own publishing company, publishing Christian novels. Miralee and her husband have been married over 40 years and live in the beautiful Columbia Gorge in WA State, where she loves to ride horses, garden, take walks, play with her dogs, and minister to women.

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