Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Writing in the Wilderness

Erica here:

This last week, I received an extra special blessing. I turned in a manuscript. 

I wrote this manuscript during a time of drought. In a two-year period where I had no writing contracts and was wondering if I would ever have another one.

I wrote this manuscript because my agent was on my side an encouraged me. During this time of drought, she asked what she could do to help me. I said, "Give me a deadline. Tell me you want a manuscript on your desk by a certain date."

So she did. Without this goal, I probably wouldn't have finished anything. Knowing she had expectations of me kept me writing.

And then, nothing happened with the story. She submitted it to the targeted publisher, but there was no movement on it.

So it sat on my hard drive.

I moved out of the season of contract drought (Thank you, Jesus!) and wrote other stories. I had new deadlines.

Then, a few months ago, my editor emailed asking if I had anything that might fit a new line of books they were hoping to launch.

My mind went to my 'writing in the wilderness, please give me a deadline' story.

To my complete joy, the editor liked the story, only asking for a rewrite of the setting. And this last week, I turned the story in.

There's a tentative release date of January, 2017, which sounds like a long way off, but is only 14 months.

I'll have more details on this release when I can, but for the moment, I'm saying a big thank you to my agent for helping me stay on task, and to my editor, who now has the story and will be working her magic on it.

Thank you, Rachelle and Becky!

What unexpected blessing have you been given after a period of drought?

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  1. My unexpected blessing was a sweet comment from my son that was JUST what I needed! :) Congrats on the book moving forward!

  2. Looking forward to the "drought" book in 14 months.

  3. Yay for this contract and book!!! I love when God works like this. It's hard in the midst, but on the other side, it's so much fun to see how He wove it all together.

    I've had several unexpected blessings this week. Three just yesterday. But I've also had some tough things come up, so I'm choosing to focus on the blessings, instead of the harder things. I keep thinking to myself: this too shall pass, and it will. It's a wilderness thing that maybe I'll understand on the other side. But, even if I don't, I know my God is with me as I pass through.

    So thankful for you, my friend! :)

    1. What a great attitude. I'm going to join you in not complaining about the winter weather we're in for and be thankful for hot tea and fleece blankets and entire seasons of NCIS to watch. :D


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