Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Research Books!

Erica Here:

I had a wonderful delivery arrive this weekend. I've been researching Civil War Medicine lately, and I went cyber-shopping at The Museum of Civil War Medicine bookstore. You can find out more about the museum HERE:

I have definitely put this museum and its two satellite museums on my bucket list!

Here are some of the books I received.
So excited when I saw this return address label.

And inside was THIS return address label.

How charming is this? They sent the books wrapped in old fashioned twine. 

EEEEK! These sorts of special touches just thrill my soul.

I've already read this one, and it is fantastic. 

I had no idea so many doctors were court-martialed, discharged, and otherwise disciplined!

Heartbreaking, but so valuable as a primary source.
This books lists all the casualties treated at these temporary hospitals after Antietam.

Okay, so this one isn't Civil War medicine, but I'm intrigued, and it would be so helpful for other stories I write.

And most charmingly of all, the manager of the bookstore sent a sweet little note.

So, have you gotten any new books lately?

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