Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday's Mourning: Paris and Beyond

Paris: 129 killed, Friday.  
Beirut: 41 killed, Thursday. 
Baghdad: 26 killed, Friday. 
Kenya: 147 killed in April. 
Indianapolis: 1 pregnant pastor's wife, murdered during a home invasion, Tuesday. 
Mourners in Paris

...and many other senseless acts of hatred and violence in this global world we share with 7 billion others.

My soul cries out to Jesus like the disciples in the boat with him when a storm had blown up and threatened their safety: 
"wake up , Lord, don't you care that we are about to die!?"  

How could the Lord sleep with such a threat of life at hand? 

I read not long ago that Jesus rested so firmly in the knowledge of his authority in the Father's world, that it was this deep knowing that made his slumber possible. Rather than a cavalier lack of care. Or reckless abandon, the God-Jesus so totally understood his place with God and creation that he did not grow anxious, but embodied peace so fully that he slept. 

It's hard to comprehend the Lord being a fully divine person in the fully human man of Jesus Christ. It's hard to comprehend people so angry and hateful to treat their own humanity so heinously. But while we mourn with Paris, Beirut, Bagdad, Kenya, and Indianapolis--we cry out to a God we believe is still in our boat. He's not left us alone, and we remember he calmed the storm by his word. During such a time as this, we recall words from the Bible that give us hope. Words like "fear not" and "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" and "overcome evil with good" and "what you intended for evil, God intended for good." 

May believers cry out to God for restoration, softened hearts, and a greater indwelling of His Spirit to walk upon this earth in love. And in so doing, may our communion with the Father, and the Son--the calmer of storms--become a holy offering. For holiness and love cannot be taken away or destroyed by death, murder, or in acts of hatred. 

Our enemies have suicide bombs. We are an army of warriors who love and pray to a living God.
Let us rest in His peace, knowing He is in our midst. In our boat. Calming with His words.
Please write your prayers here for the United States, for Paris, for the Middle East, and for the world.
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  1. This world has gone crazy. Satan is alive and well, and gloating.
    Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    1. I wouldn't give Satan even that much glory. But rather, beseech the Lord to show His in more and deeper ways. May Truth, Light, and Love shine more brightly than ever before.


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