Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Because My Readers Are Stinkin' COOL!

I LOVE getting to know my readers -- or at least people who follow my FB page. Nick is faithful follower, but I'm questioning whether he'll be reading a romance novella ;) Maybe he'll surprise me! I also have the stupid crazy bonus of WORKING with this dude. Sure, I suppose I'm his boss, but once work closes, I hope the stigma of that strips away to just plain ol' fun friendship. Anyway! I'm still knee deep writing my novella this week and I thought it'd be fun for you all to get to know one of YOU!

So meet NICK! :)

How did you hook up to Jaime Wright’s FB page/blog and why on earth do you follow this weirdo writer?

(Besides working with her) I stumbled across it on facebook and was intrigued by the humor, whit, pictures and sharing. Still waiting to read an actual story though.

What was your favorite book as a kid?

The Hobbit

Jaime inserts comment: NO KIDDING! AMAZING BOOK. *cough ahem please continue ....

If you could be one fictional character, which one would you be and why?

Tony Stark. The guy is next-level rich, GQ handsome and beyond smart. Oh, and being an awesome superhero with a hella cool suite definitely doesn’t hurt either. 

Jaime inserts comment: Let's recommend a remodel of where we work!

What inspires you to read?

Getting wrapped up in a good, engrossing story and/or learning.

Why do you think reading is important?

It stimulates thought, emotion, learning and growth. It’s essential to building imagination, empathy and comprehension skills.

What is currently by your bed or on your Kindle to read?

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” “Outlander” and “The Martian”

Jaime inserts comment: Didnt they just make "The Martian" into a movie?! Or am I losing my mind?

Coffee or tea?

Either, but definitely iced no matter what

Jame inserts comment: Yes, yes, I know. I need to bring you a frappe from 'Buckies!

You have a choice to enter the world of Harry Potter, a Louis L’Amour western, Dr. Seuss, or Nancy Drew … which one would you visit and why?

Harry Potter, without question. I grew up with these books (and have a deathly hallows tattoo) and was so engrossed in them as an adolescent. The world is full of magic and wonder and despite the crazy-scary war, I would still love to live in that world today.

Jaime inserts comment: In one of those super stellar and accurate Facebook quizzes, I discovered the Harry Potter is my soul-mate and HP boyfriend. Which is cool until I found out my doppelganger was Ron Weasely. Then it just got weird. So we'll just move on . . . 


Yay! That was fun! And Nick did show me his tattoo to prove he is marred by Harry Potter forever (ahem - "marked" ;) ).

As a reader, what is your answer to the question Nick answered for me? What is currently on your nightstand or Kindle? Please tell me! I need books to add to my NEW KINDLE FIRE THAT COMES IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Jaime Jo Wright 
author of spirited turn-of-the-century romance, stained with suspense


March 2016, "The Cowgirl's Lasso", The Cowboy Bride's Novella Collection, from Barbour Publishing

August, 2016,"Gold Haven Heiress", The California Gold Rush Brides Collection, from Barbour Publishing

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  1. I'm currently reading My Brother's Crown. In my stack to read: Eyes of Elisha, All is Calm All is Bright, Blessing, A Respectable Actress, An Amish Christmas Gift, Rising Darkness, War Room and A Dash of Daring. And that's just for starters, LOL.

  2. I wish I could share a picture of my TBR pile. It's literally leaning. Count as of this morning: 17.
    Anyway, I'm currently rereading Exiles by R. J Larson, since I just got Queen and have to catch up! I also have It's Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke up next - excited to get started on it!

  3. I have soooo many books on my pile right now! For light reading, I've been reading some Rick Riordian and I'm loving Gladys Tabor and Susan Hill's Magic Apple Hill...memoirs of life in the country. :) I'm really liking Better Than School - sort of old school book on pioneers in the homeschooling movement. :)

  4. It was fun meeting Nick! I plan to read Kristy Cambron's A SPARROW IN TEREZIN. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  5. Well, hello Nick! You have to be some sort of special to work with Jaime. Good for you! ;)
    I'm reading Fire & Ice by Mary Connealy, A Cup of Dust by Susie Finkbeiner and then Deadlock by DiAnn Mills. Then there are about 20 more on my TBR pile. lol

  6. I'm reading A Cup of Dust by Susie Finkbeiner, so so good!! I was able to be at her launch party a couple weeks ago, just love her!!


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