Thursday, November 19, 2015

Are You Coming?

"Mom! Are you coming to read to us?"

"Mom, are you coming to sew on my AWANA badge?"

"Are you coming to volunteer at the church this weekend?"

"Are you coming to work out at the gym tonight?"

"Are you coming to Bible Study?"

"Are you coming to the whole foods store with me?"

"Are you coming to get the laundry out of the washer so it doesn't stink? Are you coming to start the washer?"

"Mom, are you coming to my game, my play, my practice?"

"Are you coming to volunteer at the school?"

"Are you coming to the homeschool co-op?"

"Are you coming for your annual physical?"

"Are you coming to clean the park?"

"Are you coming to serve at the senior center?"

"Are you coming to story time at the library?"

"Are you coming? Are you coming? Are you coming?"

Phew! I get exhausted just writing this!

Do you ever get tired of answering this question?

One day, I was making my family supper when I had three family members, from three different parts of the house, all saying: "Are you coming?!"

In complete exhaustion, it dawned on me that I'm asked this question hundreds of times a week, in numerous different ways. Almost always, I want to say: "Yes!" Because most of the time, "Are you coming?" is an invitation to something good, meaningful, and productive.

So then, why am I left feeling drained when I say "Yes!"?

Because the One voice, who speaks the softest, is the One I often answer: "Hold on just a minute. I'll get to you when I've done all of these other good, meaningful, and productive things."

But the problem is, nothing else in life can be as good, as meaningful, or as productive as spending time in God's Word and in prayer. Often, when I've neglected God, all of the other things lose their goodness, their meaningfulness, and their productivity, and I'm left feeling frustrated, stressed out, and overwhelmed.

So I've had to learn (the hard way) how to prioritize. I don't always do it well, and many times I forget, or get lazy...but I try.

God. Family. Writing Ministry.

When I put God first, His Word fills me up and gives me the energy I need to face the rest of my day. It helps me be loving, kind, understanding, patient, and so much more. It gives me the right perspective to see things through other people's eyes. It gives me wisdom and knowledge to answer tough questions. It gives me encouragement to offer to others who are struggling. It gives me hope to share with a hurting world. It gives me patience to deal with day-to-day frustrations.

God is my Living Well that never runs dry. He is my Bread of Life that never stops nourishing. When my thirst is quenched, and my hungry is satisfied, I am ready to offer my life in the service of others.

It really is a remarkable plan that God designed.

I don't know about you, but I needed this encouragement and reminder today. It's so easy to let the cares of this world weigh us down. It's so easy to lose sight of the One who is take those burdens from our shoulders, if we'll only answer "Yes!" when He asks: "My beloved, are you coming?"

What about you? Do you have a hard time saying "Yes" to God's call? Are the cares of this world weighing you down? Is it easy to discipline yourself to stay in the Word? I'd love to hear your heart on this topic.

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  1. Oh man. I sure can Identify with this post! Thank you.

  2. Making time for God should be my first priority but so often it isn't. I do remember those exhausting days of working full time and raising my two kids. Busy busy busy. But those times pass all too quickly! I'm now "retired" and helping keep my three yr old grandson during the day. Lots of health issues have kept me preoccupied this year. Always treasure each day.


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