Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Signs of fall

“Even the stork in the sky knows her seasons; And the turtledove and the swift and the thrush observe the time of their migration; But My people do not know the ordinance of the Lord." Jeremiah 8:7

This morning as I was driving to the coffee shop to get some writing done, I passed a small lake. Geese dotted the surface. Now, this isn't an unusual sight here in Rochester. I've heard it said that there are more geese than people in Rochester, and there are 100K plus people in Rochester.

(These are some of the geese on Silver Lake here in Rochester. The water never freezes thanks to a power plant dumping warm water into the lake all year.)

However, though geese on a lake in Rochester isn't an unusual sight, I was reminded that fall is here and many birds are migrating to warmer temperatures. I was reminded that nobody tells the birds when to go. They just know. God has gifted them with instincts that signal when to move on.

I was also reminded of God's faithfulness to us in changing the seasons. Seed time and harvest, summer and winter, spring and fall. He never fails. Unlike Narnia, where it was always winter but never Christmas, God has set the seasons in motion, and by Him all of it consists and continues in order.

The above verse, about how the birds understand the seasons and that God is faithful, and yet His children don't remember His truths was a good for me today. God's faithfulness is all around us, everywhere we look, in every aspect of our lives. The changing of the leaves from green to brilliant reds and oranges, the briskness of the wind, the scudding of the clouds across a gray sky, and yes, the honking of the geese as they wing their way to warmer temperatures, reminds us of our Mighty God.

Our maple hedge in the fall.

What have you seen this fall that reminds you of our God?

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  1. The fall leaves, crispness, and just zing to the air ALWAYS remind me of the Lord! That He delights in us! :) Enjoyed this post!

  2. He DOES delight in us! :) Happy fall!


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