Monday, October 26, 2015

Pinteresting Library Rooms

Yes, I confess I have a board on Pinterest for my dream room: My Library Room. Click to browse.

Men have man-caves. This is my woman-cave dream: to have a library room where I can read and write. Oh, and did I mention--sit in silence staring out the window?

We have a room in our home that is finally on the verge of becoming a new library room.
I can't wait to sit in it with my coffee, laptop, and a pile of books. Or snuggle with a cup of tea in the evening during the holidays when my daughter is home from college.

Here's my favorite library pin:

Readers: what about you?

You don't have to be a writer to love a great reading room! Do you dream of a library room?
How would you decorate it? What are your favorites?

Let's vote. Pick your favorite.

#1 Green and neutral?

#2 Woodwork shelves & hardwood floors?

 Or #3, Yellow and buttery warm?

#4  More of a book-nook feel?

#5 Or something in between?

We'd love to see pin links to your favorites! Vote here and share.
I'd love to browse your library boards!
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  1. I knew when I started reading this and read "tea" it wasn't Jaime's post, lol.
    I have no specific pictures but I've always wished for a huge room just for books and a sitting area and another room just for crafts. Just dreams though. I've actually got books and crafts spread over every room in my house.

    1. Confession: I love tea--but I love coffee more! ;) I'm happy to hear you are feeding your creative side, Gail!

  2. I'd pick the book nook for sure and for certain!! But a green chair. I like green when I read. It's calming. Red is my favorite but that energizes me.

  3. Yellow and buttery warm is the one I would pick.

    1. Buttery warm. Doesn't it just make you want to melt. Or eat some chocolate? :)

  4. I would pick the woodwork and hardwood floors. I am looking forward to creating a library room in the near future myself! :)

    1. Oh, very fun! I hope you have tons of fun with it. I sure am!


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