Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When She Walked Away . . .

She was so tiny. I knew she'd never grow up. She fit into my arms like the missing puzzle piece. Her eyes were so aware, so bright, so searching. Even as an infant, she analyzed the world around her. More so than normal. Our doctor told us that she made him nervous--as if she looked into his soul.

She matched my heart, beat for beat, and she carried it with her with every impish smile, twirl, sprint, and laugh. Her tears were far more rare than her sparkling eyes, and her dreams were bigger than reality, and she didn't care.

It was wonderful to know my baby was secure in the safety of our home, in her imaginary mermaid world, her princess dresses, and her rock climbing fortresses.

And then one day . . . everything changed.

She grew up.

She walked away from me.

I stood and watched her go to her first day of school, but I shed none of the customary tears. For she walked with fortitude and determination. Anxiousness reflected in her eyes, mixed with giddy excitement. A warm embrace, a whispered prayer, and she murmured in wonder: "I think I'm going to be okay, Momma."

I think you will be, Baby Girl. It is I who will suffer some as you carry away my heart into the big world. May my heart break before yours, let mine bleed in your sorrow, may mine be bruised and battered, if just to keep yours innocent and whole.

And, while my wishes I breathe over you be bigger than our reality, may the One who is large enough to guard you rise to His promise, as the King protects His princess.

Jesus watch over you, my love, Jesus will protect you.



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  1. It's so hard letting go but knowing God watches over our loved ones 24/7 makes it a little easier. It's also hard to grasp that He loves them so much more than we ever could. They are only on temporary loan to us. As our preacher said Sunday, God owns EVERYTHING.

  2. Beautiful. So hard to watch them step into the world. So. Hard.

  3. Beautiful and touching - but you gotta stop making me cry!! Hugs!!


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