Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Happens At A Writer's Conference #ACFW

It's the time of year when, if you read a lot of writer's blogs, they're sharing all about upcoming writer's conferences, their preparation to meet with agents and editors, the classes they'll be attending, potential hopes for contracts, travels, and more.

Erica, Anne, Gabrielle, and I are all preparing for next week's ACFW conference in Dallas, Texas. YAY!! (follow me at www.facebook.com/jaimejowright for the play by play).

I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at what happens at a writer's conference. This will be very educational for those of you considering attending one in the future, and for those of you who prefer to read and not write, this will also give you some insights.

First, all conferences begin with a high element of panic. Induced by the idea of trying to explain a 300+ page novel in 50 words, meeting with the people who hold the power to make or break your book, or when the realization sets in (as it did yesterday) there is NO STARBUCKS in the hotel.

Second, consternation. When you realize you forgot your business cards at home, or your pre-arranged appt to meet with the PERFECT editor just got double booked by your conference appt. with another PERFECT editor. OR! When your Spanx rips the night of the big formal gala.

Third, that moment you have a surge of confidence. The kind that tells you that you ARE capable of conquering the publishing world. That editors WILL fall in love with you. That your friends DO have your back. That there IS a coffee shop at the hotel after all.

Fourth, when you realize your confidence was about 2 seconds long, your friends still have your back, but really? You sort of look to the sky and remind yourself that "God's got this".

Fifth, the moment of conference when all your appointments are over. Maybe you bombed them, but guess what?!!? They're OVER. Now you can sip your coffee instead of chug it.

And finally, that moment when you and your friends/sisters finally and completely, utterly and definitively . . . lose it.


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  1. Too cute - and true :) Can't wait for Dallas!

  2. Love the post, always enjoy your pics & posts from ACFW!!

  3. Oh, my word, you nailed it!! :) Haha. Can't wait to see you soon!!!!


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