Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Last Bit of Summer

Erica here. With all this talk of kids heading to school and pumpkin spice everything soon to hit shelves, it feels as if fall is rushing at me with the speed of a runaway train.

I don't mind fall. In fact, I like the colors and the cooler temperatures. But fall is the harbinger of winter, and I am not a fan of bitter cold. As a result, I am clinging to the last bits of summer here in the north.

We're packing in lots of activities this week. We're attending an outdoor wedding, and we're all going to the Minnesota Renaissance Fair.

And in a few days, my husband and I are headed south for a week's vacation and the ACFW Conference. We'll be touring some historical sites and meandering to Dallas.

What are you doing to enjoy every last bit of summer?

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  1. My brother and sister-in-law are taking another lady and I - on a surprise outing this Friday, no idea where, but feel sure it will be fun. Have fun at the wedding, the Renaissance Fair, and your vacation - it all sounds fabulous. I've wanted to attend a Renaissance Fair for some time, just never found one with a date that worked for me.

    1. I hope your surprise outing was spectacular! :)


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