Thursday, September 10, 2015

Family Pictures...

Yesterday, I shared our family pictures on Facebook. They are simply beautiful and I couldn't be happier. It had been five years since the last time we had a professional picture taken...and now I remember why.

Picture taking stresses me out. Not having my picture taken (that I don't mind), but getting everyone ready, then trying to get everyone to smile and cooperate when they need to. It isn't easy to get four children to smile at the camera at the same time.

Here are a few pictures...and the story behind them.

One of my boys decided this was not the day to cooperate with the photographer. He was a bit shy and was more interested in exploring the estate we were at. No smile in any group family photo. :(

I was really excited for this picture. This is the estate where I grew up (my dad was the caretaker). The white fence behind the kids encircled my childhood yard and the house where we lived is just outside of the picture to the right. I was my children's ages when I played in this very spot. The kids were supposed to run to us and jump into our arms...but right after this picture was taken, when one of the boys jumped into my arms, his hand accidentally ended up in one of the girl's faces, and tears ensued. The photographer said: "Okay, let's all recuperate for a moment before we continue."

I love this picture of the boys, because they were being so goofy. I also love this gazebo, because I set a scene in one of my stories in this very spot. It overlooks the Mississippi River. But right before this picture was taken, one of my daughters was standing where the boys are, slipped off, and ripped her brand new dress. She scratched her arm and got a large sliver stuck in her hand, which brought on more tears and more recuperation. :(

But then, there were pictures like this:

And this:

And this one:

These are just a few of the beautiful pictures we have. All the angst was worth the priceless images I have of my children at this stage of life.

And, I also have a new author picture!

So here's my question for you: Do you take annual family pictures, bi-annual, or has it been a while since you've had family pictures taken?

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  1. Family pictures, love them! We take them formally at church every 2-3 years. I remember one year we had to use make up to cover my daughter's black eye after falling on the bleachers the night before. I love the stories behind the pictures and I really like your author pic, Gabrielle!

    1. I was so afraid one of the kids would take a spill or get a bruise the day before! I banned the boys from riding bike a few days in advance. :) Only because I had worked out this date with the photographer three months in advance! I really wanted her, but we couldn't seem to make our calendars line up. Anyway! I need a new church picture. Ours is five years old and the boys are babies in it!

  2. We don't do professional family pictures, not regularly anyway. The last ones done were at my son's wedding in July.
    Loved seeing your family pictures by the way.

    1. With our wonderful modern cameras, we capture a lot of amazing candid pictures, and I've found we don't necessarily need those professional ones anymore. However, I'm usually behind the camera, so it was fun having a photographer worry about snapping those shots. :) So exciting to hear about your son's wedding, Gail! And thanks for the compliment about my family. :)

  3. I am single, my 2 boys are 44 & 50 years old - the one with my only grandchild, lives several states away. We don't have professional pictures made, except at church - every few years. However, my mother is a picture fanatic, and has 2 bookcases full of filled photo albums. Our family gets together for every holiday, birthday, and other special outings - but never without her taking pictures, and at every meal - whether prepared at home, or eaten in a restaurant. I used to take lots of pictures, when I was able to travel frequently - but don't anymore. That being said - 19 family members gathered for a family reunion last month, we all wore matching reunion shirts - my niece's husband used a tri-pod and delayed timing (so he could be in the pictures), taking what are as near professional pictures as possible.

    I love your family pictures, Gabrielle - you have a beautiful family!!

    1. It sounds like your mother and I would get along well!! I always have my camera out and ready to capture what I can. :) And that reunion sounds like so much fun! We had two this year, with reunion tees. It's always a good time to get a picture. Thanks for the compliment, Bonnie!


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