Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dallas Bound

As I write this blog post, I'm winging my way to Dallas, Texas for the annual ACFW Conference. This will be my fourth ACFW conference and it will be held in the same hotel where I went to my first.

Dallas is where I met many of my writer friends for the first time in person, where I began to make contacts and build relationships with agents and editors, and where I began to truly believe in my dream to be a published author.

This year, I return to Dallas as a "multi-published" author, with two publications under my belt and one new contract. I have an awesome literary agent, and I've met even more outstanding authors and readers along the way. I can hardly believe all that has happened since the last time I was in Dallas. 

Getting away for five days requires a lot of planning and preparation. There is a team of people back home, headed by my husband, keeping everything running smoothly. I truly couldn't pursue this dream without the belief and dedication of my husband, family, and friends. 

As you read this, Jaime, Anne, Erica, and I will be together in person! We have a photo shoot scheduled for a group picture, which I'm really excited about! I know we'll spend time talking about all of you and how much we love and appreciate your support here on Coffee Cups & Camisoles. You make this blogging and writing adventure a wonderful experience for all of us. 

If you're so inclined, please be in prayer for this conference and all who are attending. Please also keep our families in prayer as we're apart. I have a special prayer request for my mom who is scheduled for spine surgery while I'm away. I had hoped to be with her, but her surgery was scheduled after I made my flight and hotel reservations. I am confident all will go well. 

I'm watching the sun rise on a new day right now. By the end of this evening, I will be with my amazing writer friends, pursuing this dream together. I won't have a chance to check comments right away, but I will be sure to stop back here as soon as I get a chance. 


  1. Sending prayers to you all and your familys..... have fun!

  2. Replies
    1. It was amazing, Kim!! I hope you check out Anne's post from Monday for a bit of a recap.

  3. Hope the surgery went well for your mother, Gabrielle!!


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