Monday, September 28, 2015

Class Reunions & Small Towns

I'm not sure what it is exactly about high school class reunions that puts perspective, real or warped, back into a strange sort of focus.

We only get one life.

Sure, if today tanks, there's always tomorrow. Even in small towns, mercies can be new every morning. Yet, somehow when that class reunion rolls around, we tend to think of our lives not in daily portions, but in huge chunks, and we wonder who hit the fast forward button when we were busy setting our daily alarm clocks. Plodding through life one day at a time. Suddenly, we wonder what we've filled our time with, who we've really become, and if we're using our time wisely.

It's a mixed bag when we regather every five years. And it's been only a few years now...well okay, a few decades. We've had a chance to fall apart, dust ourselves off, and try again. Sometimes we like what we see in the mirror, sometimes not so much. And some of us just don't look in the mirror. Because, like class reunions, there's always the good, the bad, and the ugly to deal with when people ask what your life has been for the last several decades.

I'm always bummed when people who live locally choose not to attend. High school was a melting pot, for sure. But the myth is that we all have it together now. Of course we don't. And the dirty secret they never told us in adolescence, was that peer pressure isn't reserved for only those awkward years. But thankfully, laughter covers a multitude of ills...

And there's a certain sort of redemption that happens when you attend. You talk to people you might never have gotten to know back in the day. We laughed at ourselves. We listened to all the sad and the silly stories. We hope the best for each other.

Like it or not, we all shaped each other. And with the advent of FaceBook, we stay in touch across the years and the miles. In some ways FaceBook even lets us see each other for our truer selves. Many of our classmates have moved away from our small town, yet keep tabs on those back home.

Whether we've stayed on the same dirt road for decades, or adventured around the world to places like Australia or Thailand, we've all moved further down the road. 

And once in a while it's nice to know that my small home town has been a good place. My people are good people. And no matter how many years pass, no matter the water under the bridge, we can laugh, love, and give grace. 

Did you attend a small town high school?
Do you attend your class reunions? Why or why not?
Home schoolers, do you even have class reunions?
What was your class size?

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  1. I graduated in 1972 from a very large High School that's not in existence today. There were over 500 in our graduating class. I went to my ten yr reunion picnic but forego the night dance. Subsequent reunions I've avoided because they have been held in bars with drinking and dancing. I see or keep in touch with my friends from school so see no need to attend reunions.

  2. I graduated from a small school in a small southern Minnesota town. There were 24 or 25 in my graduating class. I think there was a 5 year reunion, but I did not attend. It felt too close to graduation for that. I don't think there has been a reunion since then, although I see talk of one periodically on Facebook. I'm not sure that I would really want to attend even if there was one.

  3. I attended what was considered a larger school in my area - I was terribly self-conscious when I was in school, and never enjoyed school as much as I should. My father was a farmer, working from dawn to dark - it was hard for me to attend many of the school activities. I had a separate set of friends at church and school, their being located in different towns.

    That being said, I did attend one of our high school reunions - years ago, after over-coming some of my insecurities. It was fun to reconnect, and see how some people were living as opposed to the life envisioned for them, by classmates, when they were in school. I've lived in other states at least 4 times since leaving school - raising children & often working more than one job at a time hasn't permitted me to attend reunions the other few times my class has held them. They can be an eye-opener re: the unimportance of how other's see us, or the way we perceive they see us - & the importance of being oneself, & seeking God's plan for one's life.


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