Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Behind-The-Scenes at #ACFW2015

This week is a writers' week, to be sure! If you read Anne's post yesterday, you'll know all about what we're heading off to do this week.

I love conference! Mostly because of the friends and the people I meet.

Me and Author Sarah Varland who writers
KILLER (literally) books for Love Inspired Suspense

Recognize this pretty lady? That's our Gabrielle!
What she doesn't know is I almost snagged the
necklace off of her because I thought it was

My fellow Barbour authoress! Novella/Western
writer extraordinaire, Jennifer Uhlarik

My one and only, beautiful, amazing, inspiring favorite
author and mentor, Colleen Coble.

Poor Jody Hedlund. I think I mashed my head into
hers and sort of overdid the extrovert moment.
But, she played along like the peach she is
And she is so swell! Jody was my FIRST EVER
ACFW friend.

My Ronie. Bestselling author, Ronie Kendig. She
writes military thrillers and her heroes are to
die for! She's coming out with a new book in
October by Enclave Publishing, in the speculative genre.

Erica is well used to my shout of "SELFIE TIME!"
She plays along like the pro that she is! :)

So, conference week is a go! Today I'm prepping laundry and groceries for the family while I work. Tomorrow, I do the normal Jaime-thing and pack in the morning before work. Then head to work until 3pm when it's OFF TO THE AIRPORT!

Follow my FB page all week for lots of videos and pictures. AND giveaways! AND visit here Friday for a super HUGE giveaway from Erica, Anne, Gabrielle, and myself!

The first behind-the scenes video is up on my FB. It ain't pretty ... :) Stop over and say you came 'cause of this blog post and I'll enter you to win some COFFEE!!


  1. Ok, now that the four of you will be together I'm hoping y'all will seriously talk about and consider doing a novel together. It would be phenomenal!

  2. Looks like you all are having a blast.

  3. Thanks for the fun post and pics!!


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