Tuesday, September 29, 2015

4 Things to Keep You Young

I'm sure NO ONE can relate to this, eh? The whole day-job thing? Confession time: sometimes I struggle with being adultish. It's hard. And, you know, I'd like to venture a theory. A very mature, well-thought-out theory:


There. I said it. Of course we have to in some ways. The whole living with our parents thing can't go on forever. Well . . . ok, never mind about that one.

But, there's the car, the house, the electric bill, medical insurance, the kids. It's no wonder we grow up and become so darned serious. It all has it rightful place. But, let's not forget our smiles and that insatiable joy that comes from being carefree like a child. My kids teach me everyday, to find the excitement of inhibition.

I believe God created us to live in wonder. Why else would he have created such an amazing a miraculous world? Yet, we drive to work and hardly notice the beauty around us. Stress tightens our muscles of patience until they spring in irritation. Music becomes background annoyance to our concentration. Birds tweeting outside our window makes us slam it shut so we can think. We even send the kids to their rooms to play for the moment of respite. Oh wait. Maybe that's just me. :/

Okay, so I get reality. It IS a factor in our lives. We cannot escape stress or the to-do list, and we'd be irresponsible to skip work and read all day (well, if we did that for the majority of our day to day lives). Life happens. It's a fact.

Which is why I choose to be intentional. I choose to allow myself to not always be serious. To not pay attention to the mom-look in my own head that shushes me into responsible silence. There are four things that I've learned to embrace in moments when I need to be reminded of that childlike joy.

And probably the most critical of all of those for me has been #2. BE in the moment. As a mom and a career woman, I'm often twenty-thousand steps ahead. It's like my brain never stops. Pro-actively considering all the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Planning for next week's lunches for my daughter, compiling files for work and identifying grids to best present the next step of company development, plotting out novels and oh yeah! I'm married!! Pay attention to the man in my life. Poor Cap'n Hook. He's been thrown over for "responsibility".

BE in the moment, I say. Stop. Right now. DO IT. Are you doing it? Identify four things you love but have forgotten to notice. I'm doing it too. I see:

1. The quilt a dear family someone made my daughter when she was born
2. That reminds me of my daughter when she was a baby and now I'm smiling at the memories
3. The trees outside the window are tainted with yellow ... Autumn is arriving
4. There's something mesmerizing about a clock ticking 

Did you do it? 

Tell me the four things you noticed . . . please. Leave them in the comments and today, practice the four things to keeping you young. Seriously. Don't just read this blog post and say "oh how nice was that". DO IT! :) Be young at heart today. Be in the moment. Play. Be Silly. 


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  1. Love this! My mom taught us this growing up and me and my three brothers live by it still. I am teaching my 4 kids to live silly and in the moment. So much adventure that way! As for four things - How my littlest has a fantastically all-her-own fashion style, how there are cobwebs all over the library here and nobody in my family cares (oh wait, was that a good thing?!), how the trees are starting to change and the air is crisper, how the dishwasher is going and I wasn't the one to start or fill it - pure happiness right there!

  2. Dave and I just had a long talk this morning about responsibility and--eek--adulthood. We talked about our pre-children dreams and how things change when responsibility comes knocking. But, we also talked about how we can still reach for our dreams, even in the midst of bills, dentist appointments, day jobs, and grocery lists. It's all about living in the moment and taking stock of all our blessings. It's about being realistic, yet silly.

    Right now, I can hear the water pump in the turtle's cage and that reminds me of my oldest and her love for Reggie (the turtle) and the grin on her face the day we bought him for her birthday. I can see the Hulk costume I bought one of my boys for Halloween lying in a crumpled pile on the floor and that makes me smile, because he's worn it every day and we've all started calling him Hulk. I look out my window at the beautiful Mississippi and it makes me think of my childhood growing up on the river and my hopes and dreams for my writing, which focuses on the river. And I see my neighbors' homes and I'm thankful for where God has planted us. ❤️

  3. Our two,kids are now grown and married. Our daughter has produced us two of the greatest grandkids ever! My orthopedic problems this year has caused me to "retire" a year early. In other words, for the first time in our 34 yr marriage, I'm not bringing in any money. We are living on my husband's retirement solely. Now we both have elderly parents we're helping look after.
    Still it's good to find joy in the simple things.
    1. Visiting our granddaughter's school yesterday on grandparents day and eating lunch with her.
    2. Our 3 yr old grandson eating a bowl of blueberry frozen yogurt and exclaiming "This is the best day ever!"
    3. Working through the pain in my physical therapy and being thankful I can feel!
    4. Crocheting gifts for loved ones for Christmas and remembering my grandmother that taught me to enjoy working with my hands. She didn't have a lot of money and would crochet me gifts and then apologize for not being able to buy me something. I still treasure those gifts today!

  4. Beautiful post, Jaime - thank you!!

    (1) The overflowing stacks of books in my condo, & the enjoyment reading brings me.
    (2) My granddaughters' pic - I'm so proud of her & her parents.
    (3) The Christian music I listen to while working online - the inspiration it prompts.
    (4) My dirty house - a true blessing from my Mom, dirty or clean.


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