Monday, August 31, 2015

My Vintage Heart

I just about slobbered over the new vintage Ball jars this year! 
Check these out:

They are violet purple!  Eee!

But why the love of vintage in my soul? Hmmmm.

Roots. I think that's it. I just love the sensation of feeling connected to days gone by. The feeling of work accomplished. The evidence of lives lived in significance. The knowledge of a people who went before me and left their mark. The idea that those who passed through this life before me, hold out a reflection of meaning they discovered in everyday life. 

To me, the idea of vintage is a rich history of people living simple lives. Conquering the toil of everyday life, stamping their creative hand of beauty upon it.
Satisfaction is: a canner full of tomatoes!

I love the comforting familiar sound of a simmering canner.

My husband smiles when I've stared in amazement at my beautifully canned tomatoes and declare: "they are so pretty!" Call me old fashioned. But it's art to me. 

 Is there a more beautiful red than this?

But seriously, God's creation in a jar? 
How can you not look at that and just think: mmmmmmmm.

And remember the hum of seasons passing. The reassuring repetition of the generations. Canning with mom again this year, we often commented on how we learned the art and skill of it. She remembers learning to can from her mom. I still remember my grandmother's garden with fond memories, and my great grandmother's raspberry patch and flowers. All of it a certain sort of lovely art. 

Canning Day with Mom (yes, my sleeves are rolled up; it's not glamour day)

My family comes from a long line of those who lived off the land and learned to make it an art.
Loving vintage things is a way of celebrating and remembering it.
Readers: What part of vintage draws on your heart?
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  1. Things I love vintage are items that belonged to my grandparents. Some may be cracked or chipped or glued back together but they are what I look at and remember times I spent at their house. I have my mammaws dressing table and Bible and my grandmothers cedar chest.

    1. Aww, Gail, I'll bet they are just lovely for you. :)


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