Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This past weekend, my daughter was cleaning out her desk and she came across an email that I had printed out in May of 2009. Neither of us could remember why I might've printed it, nor could we think of a reason why Heather should have it.

The email was from my sister-in-law, Linda, and it brought back so many memories. In May of 2009, we were trading off days caring for my mother-in-law who was nearing the end of her life. The email detailed which medicines had been delivered to the house, which ones were coming the next day, which new symptoms had shown up, and who would be coming from hospice.

Reading those words, I was immediately taken back to those times, the feelings, the heartache, the little silver linings that were everywhere. Like the picture above. This was taken about ten days before Lorraine passed away. Friends from my church brought by a litter of kittens for us to hold and love on for awhile. Lorraine had always liked kittens, so this was a special treat.

I remembered how we celebrated the little things, strawberries from the garden, a flower picked by a grandchild, holding a kitten as it fell asleep in your hand.

It's hard to believe it's been six years since those times, and I was surprised while reading that email, how many of the details I'd forgotten. Linda and I exchanged those emails almost every day, letting the other caregiver know what had transpired during our 'watch.'

Time fades the sharpness of our memories, but the written word can bring it back in an instant.

I'm so glad Heather found this email. Long deleted from my computer, the paper copy remains to verify the past, to remind us of the details we've let fade.

I'll be keeping this little time capsule. Perhaps in another five or six years I'll take it out and re-read it and remember.

Have you ever stumbled across a 'blast from your past?'

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  1. What an unexpected blessing. I love finding those and remembering the past and the good times!


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