Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jaime Jo Wright - Undergoing a Change

Sometimes the writing journey is an odd one! Case in point: two weeks ago I received an email from my agent letting me know there is another "Jamie Wright" (notice first name spelling difference) within the writing world. This isn't all that unique, to be honest. I'm sure if you google many names you'll see duplicates, with maybe the exception of Charles Dickens and JK Rowling.

But, in order to try to aim for as much separation as possible, my agent recommended I change my name. This turned into a lengthy conversation surrounding strategy. I mean, if "Jaime Wright" suddenly became "Katherine Potter", you would all be quite confused, right? ;)

So, we played around with different possibilities, different name transitions, the what-ifs of that name over this name, and my only personal issue of: but my name is actually Jaime Wright! Slight identity crisis going on.

It turned into a simple fix, really. One that I've embraced and actually am coming to really love because it truly emphasizes my personality. And why wouldn't it? It's the nickname I've carried for quite some time: "Jaime Jo".

So in true writerly fashion, we added the "Jo" to my name and it will be changed on my first release's cover and any going forward. It's an easy change to make, and isn't as shocking as say, the name my daughter and I came up with as a possibility: Ambrosia Charlotte Reminisia Mergatroyd.

Have you ever had to change a part of you that you feel reflects your identity? 


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  1. I'm actually kind of partial to Ambrosia Mergatroyd. But Jaime Jo is good too. Actually it fits you so well! Can I call you Jaime Jo now?

    1. You certainly may. :) Many people do! :)

  2. Wow! I never realized that would be an issue, but now that you mention it, I suppose it could be. I'd struggle with that, too. Glad you found an answer. Now to Google other writers with my name... :)

    1. LOL Emily!! right?? It never dawned on me either!

  3. Happy to know the crisis has been adverted! Jaime Jo is perfect!


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