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Interview & #Giveaway with Cara Luecht

We're excited to host Cara Luecht here at the CCC today!! We were able to feature her a while back for her novel Soul Painter and we're pleased to feature her again! :)


 What inspired your latest story idea? 

Gathered Waters was inspired by a transcript of my great-great-aunt’s childhood memories of her life in Sweden and her family’s emigration to America because of the religious persecution they faced there. In fact, although the finished novel is fiction, I decided to include a copy of this transcript at the end of the book so readers can read the piece that inspired me to write the story.

What is your favorite characteristic about your story’s hero and heroine? 

My favorite part about Brianna is that she isn’t one of those kinds of heroines who step boldly and change their world. Rather, she is the kind of heroine who changes because of her world.

Please tell us about the spiritual theme of your story you hope every reader is challenged by: 

I hope ever reader realizes who we become might not look a thing like we imagined, and that is good. And I hope readers step away with a renewed appreciation for the sacrifices our ancestors made.

What about you? Coffee or Tea? 

My preferred method for caffeine intake is Diet Pepsi. When someone figures out how to make coffee taste like it smells, I’ll switch.

Favorite historical movie? Or mini-series? 

Right now, I’m a little hooked on Turn.

While Jaime loves to take selfies, and Erica and Gabriella love museums, Anne loves Pinterest and food pics. Share a food pic, a favorite family recipe, or link us to your latest pin on Pinterest.

Every year at Thanksgiving we make this creamed corn recipe. It is so good, I only make it at Thanksgiving, because I don’t want to otherwise tempt myself. Make it once. Do it. You will thank me.

Always wanted to be an author? Or surprised your path led you to publish? 

I never even thought to write until I was thirty, taking a freshman English course (because it took me a while to get back to college), and a professor told me I could write and asked why English was not my major. One of the reasons it took me so long to finish college, is because I never knew what I wanted to study. And even then, every class I took I thought, I could do this. Biology…I think I’ll study for the MCAT. History…Maybe I’ll be a history teacher. But during an Anthropology course I fell in love with stories, and that led me here.

Favorite century to read? To write? To watch on TV or in a movie? 

I like the late Victorian era. So much was changing with technology at the time, it makes for dynamic settings. Not only that, the late Victorian era is an interesting mix of repression and rebellion, and that makes for interesting characters.

Favorite heroine of all time, and why? 

This is a very difficult question, because there are so many amazing women in our history. I love stories of women who do things that are outside the traditional, restrictive gender roles, and do so while still meeting the needs of their family. Right now, I think I am most impressed with Sacagawea and how she trouped along with a bunch of male explorers with a baby strapped on her back. I think balance is hard for any working woman to find, and stories like hers are inspiring.

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  1. I don't tweet but I'd love to win!

    1. No problem! :) :) Not everyone does. :)

  2. Thank you for featuring Cara! I love the inspiration behind this book. I am so glad Cara included a copy of the transcript in the book. Sweet tribute to her family. I am looking forward to reading GATHERED WATERS.

  3. Sounds like a great book - thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. My grandparents were from norway. Sounds like a great read.


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