Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Love Minnesota

It's no secret that I love Minnesota. When my husband and I lived in Ames, Iowa for a year and a half (while he finished his degree at Iowa State University) I was nicknamed "Miss Minnesota" by my co-workers because I talked about Minnesota so much.

My love for The Land of 10,000 Lakes has spilled over into my writing (it's actually one of the reasons I love to write). So far, all my stories take place in Minnesota. There is so much fodder for historical novels, I could easily write about Minnesota my whole life and never scratch the surface.

Yes, we have harsh winters, but so do other places, and our spring, summer, and fall make up for November through February. (Besides, there is beauty in just have to look for it.) :)

This past weekend, Minnesota showed off. Wow. Sometimes we get picture-perfect weather, and lately we've had quite a bit of it.

I was especially happy about the nice weather, because my dad's family gathered together for a family reunion. I'm currently glad the good weather has held, because my hometown is hosting a delegation from LeBourget, France (a suburb of Paris) for our bi-annual Sister City Exchange Program (I'll share more about that next week).

To prove my point, I'll share some of my favorite pictures from last weekend. :)

My son jumping off the pontoon.

My brother, brother-in-law, and nephew going out to fish.
Sunset on Mons Lake.

My daughter and niece on the paddle board.

A perfect ending to a beautiful day.

My brother and aunt on the jet ski.

Enjoying the gorgeous weather!

A campfire sing-along and talent show with all the family.
A picture of those who were able to gather. My grandma is in
the tie-dye shirt. She has 9 children! This was about 60 of our
80+ family members. 
Your Turn: What great state do you live in? What do you love most about that state? Have you had a family reunion this year?

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