Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5th Grade Me

My Dad saves the darndest things, and every now and then he brings them up from the depths of his filing cabinet and slaps a Post-It note on it. "For Jaime" or "Run by Jaime" or "Jaime interested?" Of course, I'm a sucker for his treasures. This week, there was a spiral bound notebook on my parent's kitchen table waiting for me when I arrived. It didn't need a Post-It.

My 5th grade creative writing notebook. Yep. This is it. Right here, people. THIS is where it alllllllllllllll began. I paged through it eagerly. I mean, writing genius has to start somewhere. . .ahem-cough-er-yeah.

Kokomo Jo was staring over my shoulder. And, that's when it happened. . .

She started giggling. My five year old started giggling at my 5th grade self.

Apparently, "writing genius" may not be the correct definition of what was inside its pages.

But, it was fun to peruse the pages. Stories about my stuffed animals, about flowers, about "what's for dinner" abounded. Apparently, I really did enjoy using my imagination. One story had about fifteen characters in it--in the first page--all named with first, middle, and last names. I think I enjoyed naming characters more than I did writing about them.

I also uncovered the gold nugget. The story that started it all. Truly. This was my first story ever after which my Dad read it and said, "let's rework this". He began talking to me about the art of writing, of senses, of feelings and emotions finding their way onto the page. Eventually, we took these two pages of nothing and reworked it into my first full storybook (a few pages) entitled "Whitey the White Oak". But you can see below my entry into the writing world...

And then, I uncovered something that only confirms why I am a writer today. In the back of the notebook, my math homework.

and this was before common core math ... nuf said.

I was destined to be a writer, as my 5th grade me made itself evident in my first full story and my numerical dysfunction.


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  1. I'm not a writer, but definitely not a math genius either. That's why I read. I guess I should have been a proof reader because I'm always finding errors in published novels. My best grades were in English and Spelling.
    I'm so glad that you pursued writing Jaime. We'll all get to enjoy your creativeness that way!

    1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Want to proof my manuscripts?!?! I'm HORRIBLE at it. LOL

    2. I'd be glad to proof yours anytime Jaime! 1987? Erica, you were just a baby too! I was a ripe ole 33, lol!

  2. I love it, except for the part about you being in 5th grade in 1987. I graduated from high school that year...sigh. Pass the Geritol...

    1. Oh sheesh!!! 1987 WAS on there, wasn't it? ;) Now my age isn't a secret!


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