Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where a Writer Works

Hey everyone!! Figured I'd take you on a little tour this morning. A lot of times it's fun to see where we work and write our novels. To be honest, most of mine happens on the couch after the kids have gone to bed. There's nothing too exciting to show you there because, well, unless you want to see a picture of my sleeping bag and my laptop, there's not much else. (Except a floor strewn with toys).

So, here is my secondary writing space and also my daily workspace. My boss has been gracious enough to let me truly make my office my own. I'll take you on a tour of that in another post.

But for today, I thought I'd show you inspiration. I'm not sentimental where I save boxes of trinkets and twenty years later still have them packed away. But, I do rotate trinkets on my desk that remind of specific people, inspire me in some way, or just reflect who I am.

So welcome, to where a writer works ...

First, my mustache card. This was given to me by one of my favorite coworkers who sports a mustache that looks much the same. He's always leaving me little notes and cards of encouragement and some days, I just need to reread them to remind myself why I come to work each day.

This is a handmade verse card by a fellow blogging friend Sherrinda who sells amazing things on Etsy. (Check her out here). She sent me this card, it's actually from a deck of playing cards, and it reminds me every day that I'm totally dependent on Jesus for my faith. This is a significant reminder when you're an extremely independent person like myself. 

This is an old ink pen from my sister, Halee. She knows I love to write historicals that periodically include dead people ( insert smile here). So the color red is very significant when it comes to a historical romantic suspense novel. And, I have to have my pen in front of me every day anyway, just because it brings me closer to Halee. Which is extremely important to my daily survival. 

This is probably the most disturbing item on my desk. It has a long story behind it in the form of a coworker's fabulous prank. But, I leave it here so when I am writing a darker scene in my novels, I can be inspired by its outlandishly creepy presence. Severed fingers do wonders for writing scenes like a heroine sneaking through an abandoned house at midnight.

This is a necklace piece my mother-in-law made me. She knows I love red. My chain broke so it made its way there to be safe and now it's a fixture. Everyday it reminds me of her and how much she loves me. Not every daughter-in-law can claim that their mother-in-law is one of their greatest friends and cheerleaders!

My circus piggy bank. I love this relic from my childhood. Because I live in the Ringling Bros. hometown and am practically a Ringling myself for as much as I grew up at the circus. It also kept me in the circus mood when I wrote Red Wagon Gypsies which is currently on editor's desks in hopes of landing another contract. My heroine Holly was born in the circus but abandoned on the doorstep of the wealthy town banker. She spends the bulk of the story trying to uncover her past and determining whether the mysterious and anonymous note sender who seems to know all about her past, is friend or foe.

This is a rubber cockroach my daughter enjoyed planting around the house to scare me. So it has made its way to my office where I now plant it around the office to scare other people. (mischief runs in the family)

This is an old card from my sister Halee (I see a theme here). It is kick butt card that I read every time I'm tempted to put chocolate doughnuts in my mouth. To remind me I can and WILL eat healthy.

 These are the Meyers-Briggs personalities of my main characters in She Holds the Grave which I'm currently in process of writing. It's a split story (1/2 contemporary and 1/2 historical romantic suspense), with two heroines bound by time and a mysterious death of a young woman whose secrets will chart the life of one heroine and bring conclusion in the life of the other. 

So there you have it. Where a writer works. Well, at least this writer. I'm going to guess Erica doesn't have a severed finger at her computer desk, Gabrielle probably doesn't have a circus bank, and Anne most definitely does NOT have a rubber cockroach. But then, I guarantee you, those three have their own litany of trinkets that tell a lot about their personalities too. 

What trinket is at your work desk that most resembles you and why? 

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  1. What a treasure trove! I love that circus bank.

    One thing I have on my desk is a little Wells Fargo stagecoach that my daughter gave me. :)

    1. CoCo was mad at me cause I swiped it off her dresser after she laid claim to the bank. I was like "nu uh. That's mine". LOL Your daughter has good taste

  2. Hey Jaime! What a great collection of treasures! I LOVE the red theme!

    1. The red is sorta my thing, isn't it? lol

  3. That severed finger is so Sherlock Holmes! I would hate to see that all the time...shudder....

    Blog format question. Is there any way you could put the name of the blog writer at the top of the day's blog post? It shows up at the bottom, but I like to know who the writer is before I start reading the post. That may be the only format Blogger allows, but I just wondered if it would be possible to do this.

  4. Loved that little tour of your desk and it's eclectic items, Jaime - thank you!! I don't work at a paying job, but probably spend as many - or more - hours at my desk than I did when I was working in an office. In addition to the usual sticky notepads, ceramic angel filled with pens, a ceramic replica souvenir of a San Francisco streetcar (filled with paperclips), and a small handmade (by my son, as a child) pottery bucket (filled with rubber bands) - I have a 32" monitor, it's frame lined with sticky note reminders, and pics of myself with several of my fave authors (for inspiration in those many hours I spend doing writer/author/book promo, reading about same, blogging, or posting book reviews and encouragement posts, etc.).

  5. Not one of those items surprise me. :) Well...maybe the severed finger. :) I do have little trinkets in my work space, things that inspire me as I write historical novels. I also have pictures hanging there that pertain to my writing. Historic downtown Little Falls, a painting of Minneapolis in 1910, a photo of a grieving father and his four children that I used for inspiration for my recent Love Inspired Historical entry, and a few other things. It's important to surround ourselves with things that inspire and move us. Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. Love it! And now I want a severed finger... Not one of mine, though. Just to clarify.


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