Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Top 7 Things Not To Do As A Tourist

 I live 15 min from a tourist trap - er - town. It's a haven for eccentric book characters! But it also raises a TON of irritations for us locals. I'm trying to look on the bright side and rather than July becoming the free-for-all "run over the tourist" season. I'm trying to write down what I see and use them to make layered characters that can make a reader chuckle - or grit their teeth.

I've compiled a list of tourist oddities to draw from ...

1. When you're proud of your - er - endowments - please refrain from attempting to imitate Pamela Anderson. Hike the puppies up, trade in the halter top for a heavy-duty elasticized brassiere and hide them under a baggy t-shirt. Please. Trust me. You'll be far more attractive.

2. When attempting to cross a crosswalk -- WALK! Don't stop in the middle of the busy street to take a picture of the sky. Or, as happened on Saturday, the cop car barrelling down on you with its lights going and siren blaring. Really. The sky will be the same sky from the sidewalk, and the cop probably feels like I do at the moment and isn't afraid of committing a hit and run on their way to rescue some poor soul.

3. Liquor may come in all forms, but don't imbibe all at once. And, if you do, try to avoid hitting on me. It's really hard to keep from slugging you. I am a naturally assertive and direct individual who tries very hard to summon the 3% of sweetness buried deep in my soul. You, dear drunkard, make it difficult to find that 3%.

4. Sunglasses the size of Mickey Mouse's ears scream "tourist". You may want to try to blend in. But then, maybe you like to make a statement and perhaps I'm being far too critical. I just hope you realize you took a wrong turn somewhere and this really isn't Disney World.

5. Stay away from my Starbucks. It's mine. Plain and simple. Stay away.

6. Not everyone wants to SEE your 6-pack abs morphed into a middle-aged pouch. Please men, cover up. Along the same vein of women and modesty, I am Baptist by roots and truly, too much skin is ... well ... too much skin.

7. Drivers ... when the light turns green. It means go. Plain and simple. Go.

I sound bitter, don't I? I am working on the whole "grace" part of my personality. It doesn't always come naturally. Honestly, I probably am quite abrasive at times. Do you have problems with People Patience? It's something I'm working on this tourist season.


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  1. Haha this is too funny. I can totally relate. : )

    1. LOL It's hard to be gracious sometimes, isn't it?

  2. Your post gave me a laugh, but it is so true. When I lived in the Gatlinburg, Tn. area - I tried to stay home, as much as possible (other than church), on the weekends. During one holiday that I did go out - I was stuck in traffic in one spot for several hours, to drive only a couple of miles.

    #7 on your post is my fave - a lot of the traffic tie-ups were from tourists gawking. Of course, during the summer and the month of Oct. (when the leaves turn) - streets were busy day and night. The Walmart there is one of the busiest in the nation, I'd often shop at 2 or 3 a.m. to avoid the heaviest crowds.

    The tourist traffic made it difficult for residents to get to work on time, a difficult situation made even more so after someone decided it was a good idea to publish maps of the area - including all the back roads the residents used to get to work - in the free tourist info/coupon books.

    I so relate, but am guessing with this being tourist season in most areas (except those for snow sports) - you're finding a lot of unique characters to compliment those great stories of yours, lol!!

  3. LOL!! I feel the exact same way with any sort of people, tourist or not!!

  4. Tourist season? All you have to do is go to Walmart, ha!!


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