Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's All In The Heart

REVEALED! I wonder how actresses feel when their non-makeupped (new word!) gets plastered all over the Internet? (sorry, Jennifer Garner - I think you're beautiful anyway). 

So here's MY take on a day without make-up: Sunday morning I was preparing for church: kids ready to go and looking adorable - check. Husband fed - who I am kidding? He does that himself. So check. Sunday School materials packed and ready - check. Jaime ready to go and looking beautiful ..... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 

I couldn't find my make up bag. Let me clarify. When I say bag, I'm talking about a small little compact bag that cost me $2 at Walmart that houses a little mascara, some lip color (because without it I look like I'm dying of liver disease), and eyeliner. I'm not a compulsive make-upper (another new word!). Foundation? Bah. I feel like I'm wearing stage makeup. But do not - I repeat - do NOT expect me to go to church without lip color. I could care less about having eyelashes (which for the record, if I don't wear mascara my eyes look bald). I have gray lips. Pure and simple. Gray. I look dead.

After 15 minutes of tearing the house apart and with 5 minutes left to get ready, my husband goes: 
"honey, you're going to have to just get ready 'cause we need to go".

I stopped in my frantic search and speared him to the wall with a glower and said, "without that bag, consider me ready to go now." 

He stared at me for a second, seemed to comprehend that there were no tools available to GET ready, and then stated in simple male logic: "well, you should change out of your pajamas". 

I went to church 
with a naked face. 

I had three people minimum comment on how tired I looked. So I played along and said, "yes, I'm exhausted". Which, after my frantic search I was. And I did have a cold. And I was highly emotional. So yes, the description was apt. 

But then the strangest thing happened. I relaxed. Because really, if you can't know me without makeup, if I have to put on a facade in order to gather affection, if I can't be honest and laugh at the circumstances, then I was missing a critical key factor to life: It's all in the heart.

The people who love us the most read our hearts, not our face, our thick eyelashes, our blushed lips. The people who love us the most look beyond the mustered up smile, the quiet reclusive escape, the sorrowful expression in our eyes. The people who love us the most beg to be let inside, past the outer walls and into who we really are.

So...I returned home. Naked face. Guess what? My kids still loved me. Shocking, I know! My husband still kissed me. Say wha-?! My Mom still called to chat. My cats didn't hiss at me. Even my church family seemed not to care. Why? Because they love the heart.

How do you see into hearts? Can you relate?

For the record - my make up bag was in the kitchen cupboard by the cereal bowls. Figure that one out!


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  1. Haha oh Jaime this was fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Ever since making the switch to work from home I've been "makeupless" much more often and it is certainly freeing. Though I'll admit now I look for chances to put it on because I kind of miss it. I'm totally a low key makeuper (new word!) but sometimes it feels nice to "feel" pulled together. The problem comes when we think that we have to have it or that THAT is our identity. Great thoughts here :)

    1. LOL I agree with it feeling nice to be pulled together. :):)

  2. Since I'm currently not working, I rarely wear make-up. Too often we hide behind masks and rarely let our true selves out. I loved reading your post!

  3. I usually only wear make-up when I go out. But during allergy season, I knock that down to "church only".
    Maybe it's because at 52, I just don't care? Or it's because people already know that my eyelashes are white, like, WHITE? No matter what, I'm still the same person, mascara or not. And I agree with Jaime, foundation feels like stage make-up.

    1. White eyelashes can be creepy cool! ;)

  4. The cereal bowls?! That's a good one. ;) I have always worn mascara - I like it. But the other stuff mostly when I go out - but I've never been huge on it. I do feel bad for people who have to look at me without make-up, though. I feel they shouldn't be forced to suffer that way!! LOL

  5. I used to think I couldn't go anywhere without makeup. Now I really don't care. I'm not working at present, concentrating on getting a new knee in a couple of days. I don't have to wear a Halloween mask to scare people, I just go without makeup! As a matter of fact, I'm heading out the door in a minute to take my mother to the grocery store sans makeup. The older I get I realize more and more that inside beauty is much more important.

  6. I am still smiling.. that was a fun story.. PJ's. although you could have gotten by with that too if you were just going to the store :).. . I don't wear makeup but I do want mascara ~ blonde eyelashes just need it :) thanks for the smile today!

    1. Yeah. Apparently, my pjs are just a natural part of me ;) lolol

  7. I'm discovering the same thing!! And sometimes I actually like going without the make-up!!

  8. Cute story, Jaime - thanks!! Wondering if your kids hid your make-up bag?? I never put make-up on at home or to go through a drive-through, and often not with just family around. Likewise, I never wear foundation. I could do with lipstick more easily than eyebrow pencil or mascara - since they are both practically non-existent without some help.


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