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What Classic Literary Character Are You?

 Jane Eyre. I connected with her on a very deep, intrinsic level when I was in high-school. The old book was hidden in my father's bookshelves of literary classics. I'd already read Great Expectations, Ivanhoe, Heidi, and other classics, so it stood to reason it was time to read one set in Gothic England. By a female writer, in a time when female writers often dubbed themselves male with male psuedonyms, so their books would actually sell. (Hearken: George Elliot)

Why did I bond with a fictional heroine, plain, orphaned, somewhat soft-spoken, and far more tenacious than I? Her independence. I loved her independent nature that flew without inhibitions even when imprisoned by her circumstances. She experienced grief, broken love, attempted murder, and loss of home, and never once did she give up on life and always did she push through until reaching a resolution. She was beautiful in her own right, and Rochester loved her for it, while not being exactly the most loveable soul himself. I resonated with how she could enter love and ultimately unity with him while still maintaining her own identity. Rochester didn't cage her. Rather, he set her free to be who she was meant to be. That was an example of a man who valued a woman. That was an example of a woman who valued who God had made her to be.

For fun, I wondered ... what classic literary character some of my other author friends related to.

Here are a few and the whys:

Ronie Kendig -- Author of "Falcon" ...

I would've chosen Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. He's the one antihero I've never forgotten, and in a (dark?) way, swooned over. Am I weird for choosing Heathcliff?

Susanne Dietze -- Author of "Love's Reward" from the "Most Eligible Bachelor" novella collection ...

What I Love about Classic Character Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice): Lizzie may not be the prettiest, sweetest, or most graceful gal around (that would be her sister, Jane), but her good sense, wit, and spunk encouraged me to stand up for what's right. Like Lizzie, I have a bit of a feisty streak. I've also made some mistakes in judgment and thought my opinions to be--er, superior, but I hope that like her, I figure out why I do some of the things I do and then grow from my mistakes. I love her so much I wrote a Pride & Prejudice-inspired novella set in historical Austin, TX, and it won ACFW's Genesis Award.

Kara Isaac -- Author of a yet-to-be-titled Contemporary Romance by Howard Books in 2016! ...

To Kill A Mockingbird -- Atticus Finch is who I would be inspired by. He knew he had pretty much no chance of winning and that it would him and his family just for taking the case, but he did it anyway. Because it was the right thing to do and no one else would.

Halee Matthews -- Author of murder mysteries and everything insatiably wicked like that :) ...

Jo March, from Little Women, is me. She's spunky, she's strong, she has big dreams, and she's fiercely protective of those she loves. She's trying to find her place in the world and plagued by the thought of never accomplishing her dreams. And, like Jo, I've chopped my hair three times for charity
;) And another time to help with the oil spill cleanup. And she'd do anything for her sisters, and she's frustrated by the injustices of the world.

Erica Vetsch -- Author of upcoming release The Cactus Creek Challenge...

My favorite character from classical literature was Alec Ramsey from Walter Farley's Black stallion series. I lived every adventure those Alec and The Black had, many times.

Susan Poll -- Reader from my Facebook page who wanted to contribute! 

Alice in Wonderland. What an adventure she had! I always wanted to be her and explore and have fun. Plus I want to meet the Cheshire cat!

There you have it!!! Fun stuff from writers. What Classic Literary Character are YOU?? Leave a comment below and I'll draw a winner from some coffee :)


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  1. Just for fun I'd love to be Pippi Longstockings. What an adventurous girl she was. Loved the books as I was growing up!

    1. And you would totally rock those braids, Gail :) :)

  2. Lol, I didn't know it was for writers only when I saw the question on FB! :) Oh man, I like Pippi Longstocking also - I have to agree with Gail. My kids love watching the movie and singing the song. What fun to read what the authors said, great post!

    1. I wanted to feature a reader too, so I did!!! :) :)

  3. Perhaps a combination of Beth and Meg March. I'm reserved, but also mostly proper. Although I do have an impish side... Maybe I'm a combination of all of them!

    1. And we'd prefer you stayed alive, unlike Beth. ;) So, sounds like a little bit of Amy too :)

    2. Kate! You won the coffee!! :) Send me an email at jaimewrightbooks(At)gmail(dot)com with your mailing address and I'll shoot it off to you! :)

  4. Mine was chosen for me, by people I know...John Clark, created as a recurring character by Tom Clancy.


    1. Have to say, though, that the character I would have liked to have chosen would have been Gloucester's "First Servant" in King Lear.

    2. OOOOOOA Shakesperean (i spelled that wrong, i'm sure!)!!!

  5. One of the classic literary characters I love and relate to is "Heidi", and her love for her home and family. As I've aged, I developed an even greater love of, and gratefulness for, my family and the land on which I was raised.

    1. You know, I TOTALLY see you as a "Heidi"!!! that fits!! And I love that book. Although I do advise everyone to read an antique version as the current ones have edited out the Spiritual side of the story which was VERY strong in the original.


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