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Reader Feature -- Getting to Know You

One of my favorite things about being a writer? It's getting to know YOU! Anne and I started Coffee Cups and Camisoles several years ago because we love our coffee chats over hot brew, random conversation, a warm atmosphere, and good company. I think we've accomplished that here, and we even added tea to our chalkboard menu when we added Erica and Gabrielle.

But one thing is missing ... YOU! 

So we party it up over my Facebook page. Lots of fun daily interactions and weirdness going on there. The other night we had a Best Fishy Face contest and we all posted selfies of us making fish face. It was hysterical? The prize--of course, there's prizes, that's what adds to the fun--Swedish Fish! Only the best candy known to man!

My prize? Getting to feature a fishy face here on my blog (and I have another fishy face coming later this month too).

It's time to know YOU are beloved readers who hang with us in our little online coffee house. So lift your mugs, whether a flat white and extra shot of espresso like I have today, or some Earl Grey tea... and say hello to:

Karen Johnson! Fishy Face Extraordinaire! Ain't she adorable??

She and I sat down and chatted and it was SUPER neat getting to know her. So I thought you should too.


How did you hook up to my FB page/blog and why on earth do you follow this weirdo writer? 

I honestly don't remember, probably a reader scavenger hunt. But I love good, clean, historical fiction. 

Jaime's response: ME TOO!! Historical fiction is one of my faves among many other genres. So glad you found us on the scavenger hunts!

What was your favorite book as a kid? 

The Little House books. Also The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, although I did not get the Christian meaning until I was about 12. And Where the Sidewalk Ends, other than Silverstein, and Suess, I was not a fan of poetry.

Jaime's response: I wasn't a fan of poetry either, unless it was Tennyson. I did love me some classic Tennyson. LITTLE HOUSE!! The classics!! Love them so much and I'm only an avid Narnian, so probably passed by the lamp post at one point in our past :)

If you could be one fictional character, which one would you be and why? 

O.k, I usually am guilty of asking authors this, so I suppose it is my turn. 

Jaime's response: call it author pay-back ;)

Anne of Green Gables. Although I would not want to be an orphan (My husband was orphaned by the time he was a teen, although he got to live with family, it is an awful thing to go through) or have had her life prior to living with Marilla and Matthew, I was a Tomboy, and have a wonderful imagination that could/ can get me into or out of trouble. I am a substitute teacher. I like to read and write and have won writing contests, although I do not know if I could still handle her enjoyment of poetry. And I did not have that Bosom friend that was a kindred spirit until college. 

Jaime's response: I hear you!! and relate on many levels. Your husband must have quite a story, and hopefully it has found a happy middle to it! I didn't find my bosom friend until later too. Now I have five of them. My writing sisters, and I just short it to "sisters" because that's really what we are. I'm glad you have one too!

What inspires you to read?

My son would say insanity. 

Jaime's response: LOL!! he and my husband must have collaborated on that answer

He does not like reading. Probably my parents reading to me got me started. But now when I need an escape, I suppose. Reading is a mini vacation that is more affordable.

Jaime's response: I love that quote!! An affordable mini-vacation. SO TRUE!

Why do you think reading is important? 

It allows you to experience and learn new things. No way could I ever actually be a Civil War soldier. So I read. I could never actually be Black Beauty, but I could empathize with how a horse might feel. Or how it might have been to live in those times.

Jaime's response: I can tell you're an avid reader, you're very insightful, Karen!

What is currently by your bed or on your Kindle to read? 

I am prepping myself for living with a teenager, we have a 10 year old. So I have borrowed Have a New Teenager by Friday. My 10 year old son is already arguing over everything, etc. Which I guess is typical, but at school the boys out argue each other. He will actually have you double checking if the sun is out, or argue that it it 78 degrees out because you say it is 80. That is the book that is up on my Kindle.

Jaime's response: Eeek! I might have to borrow that in 7 years when my Peter Pan decides to leave NeverLand and grow up 

Coffee or tea?

Tea. I am not even crazy about the smell of coffee. 

Jaime's response: *Gasp*

I am trying to grow blueberry bushes in our yard for the first time. Used coffee grounds are supposed to help them grow. I am having to get this from our neighbors. My husband rarely drinks coffee at home. He doesn't like tea. He drinks coffee from a gas station or at work. So this the request from the neighbors. One of whom works at a coffee shop, so I figured at least she drinks it. Tea is more relaxing and I like the different flavors. I once found dark chocolate strawberry tea. Heaven.....

Jaime's response: Well, I'll let you and Erica bond over tea ;), altho I HAVE been known to imbibe on occassion.

You have a choice to enter the world of Harry Potter, a Louis L’Amour western, Dr. Seuss, or Nancy Drew … which one would you visit and why? 

Dr. Seuss. With Harry Potter, I would probably end up as a Muggle, half of what was going on with the Death Eaters would be terrifying, even as a wizard, let alone with He Who Should Not Be Named. Although it did have a lot of learning to stand up for the people and things you love and the value of friendship. Dr Suess had a lot of wisdom and morals, from trying new foods, taking responsibility for your actions but not being afraid to having a little fun, value others, kindness, etc. No one tries to kill you or turn you into something else or hurt you. And I have not read Louis L'Amour.

Jaime's response: And just think of all the places you'll go ;) with Dr. Seuss!!


Man!! I had so much fun with this and I can't wait to bring another reader and his fishy face to the blog soon too! 

What would you say some of these questions? Which question was your favorite?

Winner of Last week's coffee from What Literary Character are You?: Kate June! (Kate, please contact me, I didn't see your email :)

Winner of Victoria Bylin's latest novel: Gail Hollingsworth!! congrats!!

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  1. Very interesting to read about a fellow reader and blog follower! And bless you for being a sport with your fishy face. I do it for my grandkids but never on camera, LOL!
    I have no idea how I'd answer some of the questions......
    If you ever choose to feature the oldest follower of your blog I might have a chance, ha!

    1. LOL Oh Gail you always make me smile :)

  2. Welcome, Karen!! So much fun having you here! :) Gail, you might be next... ;)

  3. Enjoyed this - thanks!!


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