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Interview & #Giveaway with Sandra Orchard

Fun stuff today!!! Fun stuff today!!! We have author Sandra Orchard here and man oh man, I want to read her book. The cover alone gripped me. So here's a little bit about who she is, what she writes, and whether she drinks coffee or tea :)


1. What inspired your latest story idea?

This story is the culmination of the previous two books in the series—Deadly Devotion and Blind Trust—inspired by herbal medicine research, questionable pharmaceutical company practices, and small town quirky characters. Each book is a standalone mystery, but since a budding romance between the main characters, Tom and Kate, and an underlying suspense plot arcs the series, the mystery in this final book, is centered around that suspense plot, namely Kate trying to figure out what is so special about the plant her father sacrificed his life for, hopefully without getting herself or anyone else killed.

2. What is your favorite characteristic about your story’s hero and heroine?

Kate’s loyalty to her friends and to her father’s honor and memory, despite appearances, is my favorite. And for my hero, Tom’s incredible patience. Kate is… shall we say, a tad impulsive. Her act-first-reconsider-later tendencies are a challenge to Tom’s need to investigate by the book, or at least in close proximity to it.

3. Please tell us about the spiritual theme of your story you hope every reader is challenged by:

The series as a whole involves the heroine coming to terms with the choices her father made twenty years ago and how she can reconcile them with his declaration to her the last time he saw her that no matter what happens or how things look, she needs to remember that he always loved her. At some point, we all come up against a side of God, the father, that’s difficult to accept. Our circumstances might seem to suggest He doesn’t care about us, but we need to decide are we going to believe what He says in His Word or are we going to let circumstances steal our faith.

4. Jaime & Anne are coffee addicts. Erica & Gabrielle are tea lovers. What about you? Coffee or Tea?
Like my heroine, I love the aroma of coffee, but don’t drink it, and instead enjoy a variety of teas. It helps that my daughter is a Steeped Tea rep. :)

4. Favorite historical movie? Or mini-series?

Hmm, we enjoy watching a lot of the PBS mini-series and watch many of the Jane Austen and Little Dorritt again and again. But probably The Sound of Music is my favorite.

5. While Jaime loves to take selfies, and Erica loves museums, Anne loves Pinterest and food pics. Share a food pic, a favorite family recipe, or link us to your latest pin on Pinterest.

In my bonus features, I’ve shared a recipe to go with each novel in the series. No pics, unfortunately, but here are the links to the recipes: Kate’s Calendula Tea (for female troubles); Julie’s Favorite Muffins (taste like donuts); Patti’s Favorite Chocolate/Cream Cheese Muffins

6. Always wanted to be an author? Or surprised your path led you to publish?

Always wanted to be an author, but didn’t think it would be of fiction

7. Favorite century to read? To write? To watch on TV or in a movie?

This is my favorite century to read and write. In TV and movies, I prefer the last century…nostalgia, I think.

8. Favorite heroine of all time, and why? 

Hmm, a hero would be easier to pick than a heroine. Since I write mysteries, I’m going to go with my most inspiring heroine, Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote…although it has been a couple of decades since I’ve seen the show!

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  1. I haven't read any of these books but I'd love to win this one!
    I'm totally a big coffee drinker, but I found some lavender tea yesterday that I'm anxious to try.

    1. Lavender tea ... hmmm... I've heard it's good. :)

  2. This looks like a great book! And I am both a coffee and tea drinker. I like to try different hot teas especially in cold winter nights or with a few cookies ;-) I also drink a lot of cold brewed tea, plain with no sugar....and I love to set out my tea bags in a container full of water during summer for sun tea! Yummy....

    1. Ooops, I'm suppose to tell you that I subscribe to Sanrda's, Jaime's & Erica's mailing list! :-)

    2. A well rounded woman in the hot beverage category :) Good for you!

  3. I subscribed to all your newsletters. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. thank you so much, Melissa and we LOVE LOVE having you here. Hang out more in the future. :)

  4. Such a beautiful book cover! Thanks for visiting CC&C, Sandra!

  5. I'm not entering the giveaway as I already have Desperate Measures and am currently reading her next release, Emergency Reunion, for review. Wonderful books - lots of mystery and suspense in Sandra's books, as well as romance and faith.

    1. oooooo!!! You're such an avid reader. Love it!

  6. Signed up for all the newsletter and anxiously awaiting who will be blessed with this great book.

    1. Yay!! Thanks for entering and signing up for our newsletters and FB pages. So fun to have you here :)


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