Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How To Write A Book -- And Live a Normal Life

Hey all!! I've missed you!!

I know I've been posting, and it's been a lot of interviews and we've had giveaways and it's been a fun last month or two here around the CCC blog!

I've also been swamped finishing the novella which I turned into my editor three weeks ago (*throws confetti*). CJ, my heroine is so independent and assertive and spunky ... until she meets a tarantula. Jonah, my British rancher, it mathematical and proper and women just don't belong running a ranch. Yep. I really enjoyed writing these two.

Along with this novella, I have another in submission, and two full manuscripts piled on editor's desks, AND I'm knee-deep in writing my next novel which I'm super excited about. (Hop over to my Facebook page if you want to keep updated on that)

So why post a picture of a barn? I've been struck this week by all the blessings the Lord has put into my life to make writing possible. As a Director of Sales & Development, my full-time job keeps me hopping, as do my two littles, and then add writing to the mix and ... yeah ... I'm not a clown (well, some might argue), and I can only juggle so well.

Ahh, yes, the barn. The barn is actually fondly called "the grainery". This was my childhood home. Ok, no I didn't grow up in a grainery, but it was part of the 15 acres I called my home. This was my foundation. This is the happy place I go to in my head when I write. The peaceful muse of solitude. I recall summer evenings as a teenager, pounding away at an old vintage typewriter, windows open, breeze making my pink calico bedroom curtains wave, my cat Pepper on my bed and the grainery just out of sight around the corner. This is Blessing #1. Peace. It's a place--it's a haven--that the Lord brings in my life (and trust me, life now is not as I described above--chaos and hurry-sickness is a huge component to existence).

Blessing #2 comes in the form of the people who make writing possible. You recall your local PBS station? I remember as a kid when Mister Rogers would end, this male voice would come on and say "Mister Rogers Neighborhood has been brought to you by ..." and he'd list the sponsor. My books have a sponsors. These are the unspoken investors who might make an acknowledgment page someday, but in reality, that's sort of a sad little payback for what they do.

Meet Julie. You've all heard me herald my admin. She's really my admin for my day job, but somehow she's morphed in my volunteer admin for my life. No kidding. This woman pockets my money on a daily basis and runs to do my grocery shopping on her break 'cause she's "going anyway". This allows me my one-hour writing marathon, or the opportunity to speed email back and forth with my agent (one of these days we'll learn to use a phone), or to edit a synopsis. Julie takes my manuscripts that have gone through line edits and right before I press "send" to my agent, she works her magic and makes sure everything is formatted right. Down to counting the amount of spaces from "Chapter X" to the first sentence and making sure it's consistent for every chapter. She listens to me brainstorm. She makes MY COFFEE!! Hello!!! Seriously?!?! This is the power behind a writer. Yes, she pours it for me, yes, she calls me to see if I need refills, yes she makes my lunch for me, yes she picks my daughter up from pre-school, yes ... I'm completely and utterly spoiled silly.

You see ... a lot of times I'm asked how I write books and do everything I do and still live a normal life? I want to reply, in the rich baritone of Bing Crosby, "When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my  blessings instead of sheep ..." The Lord blesses dreams that are in alignment with His purpose. He takes each writer and identifies their needs and provides.

For me, my two largest needs are a peaceful place in my mind (home) and assistance (Julie).

And it's critical to know this, my dear, sweet, precious readers ... He does the same for you! Maybe it's not so you can write a book, but so you can achieve some other purpose. And normal life? Is there such a thing? Normal life is being where God has place you, in this moment, for this time. So look around for the gears that make your motor turn, those blessings that maybe you take for granted and suddenly, there they are ... a rich green background of peace and a mug of fresh coffee set down next to five Wal-Mart bags of groceries and a fully formatted manuscript accompanied by the richest smile a boss could ever be blessed to see.

And that is how I write a book and still live a normal life. 

What blessings can you find today? #ISpyABlessing


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  1. I was just thanking God this morning that my husband and I have both been blessed with women who pray over our daily work---you know who you are!! May God return the blessing times ten! Such a great reminder this week, Jaime, of why we write in the midst of life's every day chaos!

  2. Hey Jaime! Thank you for sharing your blessings. I am blessed the Lord has placed me in a loving church family. He has given me a wonderful "heart sister". He has provided many Kingdom relationships. Ladies of CC&C have a Terrific Tuesday!

  3. So beautiful, Jaime! I love the picture of your happy place. I have one, too. It's so important! This was also a wonderful tribute to Julie. :) I think we all wish we had a Julie in our lives. God has truly supplied your needs. So cool. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for this perspective. My completed manuscript is in submissions, my multiple resumes are stuck on some recruiter's desk (grr at HR? Maybe you have perspective here?), and the solid lead has not called back although the doctor's office did (more tests?). The blessing I need to concentrate on is time to catch up on household To-Do lists (some items are 9 years old) and freedom to hit the beach.

    1. Awwwww!! The waiting game STINKS!!!!! But yes, hopefully you can focus on those blessings during this rough patch!!!! :(

  5. Loved your post, Jaime, and so grateful for the blessings and people God has placed in my life to encourage, inspire, pray for me, and help make the tasks of my daily life easier!! Thank you, God!!


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