Monday, June 29, 2015

Doubly Blessed

When we chose the name Emily for our newborn daughter more than twenty-one years ago, no one was named Emily.


Well, okay, we knew of one or two. So we conspired to keep the lovely name to ourselves until the appointed day. Well, we must have lived in a bubble where only Ashley's, Jessica's, Sarah's, and Brittany's existed. For when we proudly announced our uniquely chosen name: Emily Elizabeth (and no, we didn't know about the Big Red Dog)...that's when we discovered Emily had shot to the top of the name charts!

No matter how many Emily's are in the world, there's only one who is ours and we love her very much!!!

So, when it was time to name child #2, we just chucked the idea of being unique and went with our hearts. And along came Calvin Benjamin.

From the start, we've prayed for their future spouses.
Over the years, there've been moments when I wondered what those prayers were accomplishing.
How many days and nights of puking, stinking diapers, screaming toddler wars, skinned knees, and after- school broken hearts had our prayers effected?
Will Emily's heart be pursued by a man of God some day?
Will Ben know her when he's found her?
What tragedy or illness have we prayed through unwitting?
What seeds of faith were born on the wings of our hopes and prayers?
Will the ones the Lord brings to each of them honor the heart of our daughter, our son--as we have, as the Father does?

We've emptied our nest last year.
I was focused on me and how I was navigating it all.
Silly me.

Because then this happened....

Our son got engaged on Saturday!! And suddenly, we've gained another Emily! Ben's Emily!
Yay! Our nest is fuller, not emptier!

When Emily's mother sent me a great little note, reminding me that they'd prayed for Ben since Emily was born--I got weepy. Suddenly I realized, I was the recipient, Ben was the recipient, of two decades of prayers. How comforting to know we were not alone in our child-rearing, and that God watches over the plans of those who turn their hearts to Him.

And we pray for Ben and his Emily, and our Emily and her "Mr. X" (identity yet unknown, though we are sure he's not been thrown under a bus somewhere!): 
“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Do you pray for your children's future spouses?
Do you have favorite verses to pray over your children?
Did you ever imagine while in the thick of parenting trenches, that another mother somewhere was praying over you and your child?
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  1. Congratulations to your son! How very thrilling! Ben's Emily looks beyond adorable and as sweet as her future mother in law. :)

    I do pray for my future spouse--whoever he might be. And I also pray that he'll be praying for me. I'd love to meet him someday and find out he was doing that all along.

    1. Oh Casey, I believe God has someone very special in mind for you. I pray God prepares your heart for that day, and his as well. Run hard toward Jesus, and only pay attention to a man who catches up with you along the way!

  2. Such exciting news for you and your family! Have they set a date yet? I prayed for my children's spouses since they were born also. Now my daughter's been married for eight years to a wonderful man, and my son is getting married July 11th to a sweet woman of God that we hoped he'd chose before they even started dating. Funny thing her name is Rachel, my son's name is Benjamin and our daughter is Rachel too! We're still mulling over how to distinguish between the two when we talk about them. We're gonna have another Rachel Hollingsworth! Have you decided how you're going to distinguish between your two Emily's?

    1. Thank you Gail. They don't have an exact date yet, but sometime next summer! Congratulations to your son as well, that's so funny about your double Rachels! We are having the same problem. So far, by default it's just been "Ben's Emily" and "our Emily". Neither of them go by a nickname. We don't have a good solution yet. Time will tell.

  3. My children have long been adults, but I have a granddaughter's spouse to pray for. Prayer is indeed, powerful - no matter how long we may wait for an answer, I feel my life today is a manifestation of many years of prayer by my mother.

    1. Yes! Grandmothers! My mother is praying God will send an angel ahead of our Emily's future spouse, just in case he needs more direction! Like in the story of Rachel in the Bible. Prayers are indeed, very powerful---this I truly believe!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I needed this!! I've been praying for my future husband for a long time, I thought I'd finally found him and everything was falling into place until he completely blindsided me 7 months ago. I know in my heart of hearts that somehow this will all work out for good and that God is still faithful. In the meantime I will keep praying!

    1. Oh Abby, keep focusing on the great greatest Bridegroom of all and I truly believe it will work out in His time. May your heart be healed and more ready for that day, and may you find a man who will make you a better servant of Christ and encourage you along the way.

  5. Congratulations to all of you, Anne! My cousin (who is more like a nephew, because of our age), and also my Godson and one of my favorite people on earth, also got engaged on Saturday! Their names are Caleb and Tessa. :) And, yes, I was praying for my future spouse and children when I was a little girl, and now that I have them, I pray for their future spouses, too. I'm now praying for my grandchildren and all the generations who follow. It's a powerful tool!

    1. Gabe, sometimes when I write, I think of my grandchildren and pray my words may span the generations and inspire deeper faith for them. So exciting for your family as well! Congratulations. :)


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