Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Winston Churchill Quotes

Erica here: I am a huge fan of Winston Churchill. I'm fascinated by his career as a politician and statesman, his fierce loyalty, his quick wit, and his slightly-jaundiced view of the world. I have created a Pinterest Board with my favorite quotes and pictures of Churchill, (You can check out that board HERE.)  and I'm currently reading the 8 part biography of Winston Churchill available through Hillsdale College's Winston Churchill Project. (You can find the biography HERE.)

This past Christmas, I received a stocking-stuffer gift book that I just love from my daughter. (She is well aware of my affection for Winston.) She gave me a copy of "The Quotable Winston Churchill." This little tome is full of Churchill quotes and facts that make me smile, make me shake my head, and most of all, make me think. 

(To learn more about the book, or get your own copy, click HERE.)

Because I love Winston so much, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Churchill quotes with you. 

Which one of these Winston Churchill quotes resonates best with you? Or do you have another of his witticisms that you like best?

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