Thursday, May 28, 2015

On This Day in History (May 28th)

I found a great website ( that offers a snapshot of important historical events on every day of the year. (It also has birthdays, weddings, and deaths on specific days of the year.) I thought it would be fun to look at events for May 28th throughout modern history.

I only pulled out the events I found interesting or important. There were hundreds of other events found worthy of note.

Here are some things that happened on May 28th:

1742 - 1st indoor swimming pool opens (Goodman's Fields, London)
1818 - 1st steam vessel to sail Great Lakes launched

Steamboat Walk-in-the-Water launched in Lake Erie.
1830 - US Congress authorizes native Indian removal from all states to western prairie
1863 - 1st black regiment (54 Mass) leaves Boston to fight in Civil War
1923 - Attorney General says it is legal for women to wear trousers anywhere

1929 - 1st all color talking picture "On With the Show" exhibited (NYC)
1936 - Alan Turing submits "On Computable Numbers" for publication, in which he set out the theoretical basis for modern computers.
1937 - Golden Gate Bridge in SF opens to vehicular traffic

My hubby and me in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
in October 2014
1941 - 1st night game at Wash DC, Griffith stadium (Yanks 6, Senators 5)
1972 - White House "plumbers" break into Democratic Natlional HQ at Watergate

My girls and me on the Potomac River in April. The
circular building behind us is the Watergate Hotel.
1997 - Linda Finch completes Amelia Earhart attempted around-the-world flight

I observed two interesting things while I looked at this list and the birthday list for May 28th. The first is that there were more significant events in American history (on May 28th) between the 1920's and 1940's. The second is that on the birthday list, after the 1880's, the majority of people worth noting were actors, actresses, and athletes. Before that the majority were composers, inventors, scientists, authors, and political leaders.

Your Turn: Which events listed above do you find the most interesting or important?

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  1. I loved this Gabrielle! Interesting to observe the focus of the nation over the centuries.

    1. I thought it was interesting to "read between the lines." What happened before and after this historic day? History fascinates me!!

  2. I love browsing that website. Easy to get lost in all the names and events. :)

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