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Interview & Giveaway: Author Pepper Basham

We are so happy to host Pepper Basham on our blog this week! She is a new author at Coffee Cups and Camisoles, but for those of you who enjoy a good Edwardian Historical Fiction, this one will hook you!  

And, she will delight our CCC Blog readers with a great interview and book giveaway! 

I introduce to you, Pepper....
Pepper shares that she wrote her first story when she was a nine year- old, freckled-faced tomboy in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Coming from a long line of oral storytellers, weaving a good yarn seemed a typical part of her life. 

She lives with her husband and five children in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where her husband is a pastor of music. As a language-speech pathologist, she enjoys hanging out with kids who have Autism, which continually challenges her to think outside the box!

So, Pepper: 
1. What inspired your latest story idea?
I started Ashleigh’s story as a combination of a situation in my past and the overcoming story of a dear friend of mine.  The problem was – I had a strong character and a pretty solid premise, but no real plot ☺ So…one day I noticed a story about the Lusitania and that spearheaded a great idea of showing my heroine’s internal tragedy through the external tragedy of the Lusitania! I’m so thankful. I love bringing this era of history to life in this story. 

2. What is your favorite characteristic about your story’s hero and heroine?
I love Ashleigh’s compassion. I think what keeps her moving forward is an inner strength and an overwhelming sense of compassion.
For Sam? Oh gee, there are so many things to like about him. I particularly love his humor, gentleness, and faithfulness (is 3 okay ☺)

3. Please tell us about the spiritual theme of your story you hope challenges every reader:
I hope people will see the power of forgiveness, even when the person who inflicted the pain doesn’t ‘deserve’ forgiveness. That’s the hardest kind, but it is also the kind shown to us by Christ.

4. Jaime & I are coffee addicts. Erica & Gabrielle are tea lovers. What about you? Coffee, Tea?
Definitely tea! English Breakfast is my favorite!

5. Favorite historical movie? Or mini-series?
I love the BBC North & South, Pride and Prejudice, OR Jane Eyre. See, you have for a ‘favorite’ and I just can’t pick ONE! There are too many wonderful ones from which to choose

6. While Jaime loves to take selfies, and Erica loves museums, I love Pinterest and food pics. Share a food pic, a favorite family recipe, or link us to your latest pin on Pinterest.
When I went back to check what my latest pin was…um…this was it ☺

And I love to cook! And some time I’ll have to share my Dark Knight Chocolate Torte recipe. (Oh, please do share, Pepper!!)

7. Always wanted to be an author? Or surprised your path led you to publish?
Oh, I’ve been making up stories ever since I was a little girl. I’m sure I was inspired by my story-telling granny, because oral storytelling is definitely a part of the Appalachian culture. My granny called me a ‘writer’ for the first time when I was ten! Definitely a memorable moment for me.

8. Favorite century to read? To write? To watch on TV or in a movie?
Again, ‘favorite’ is a tough one! I have a particular fondness for contemp movies that have an ‘old’ feel OR movies that are anything 1800s to late 1910s (European, not American). Late Regency, Victorian, Edwardian.

9. Favorite heroine of all time, and why?

Some of the most memorable heroines for me are those that make me laugh or feel. I love the restrained intensity of Eleanor Dashwood’s personality in Sense and Sensibility, Elizabeth Bennet’s wit, or Jane Eyre’s subdued passions. I love Hermione Granger’s full personality and Morrow in Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz, but I equally fall in love with Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping or Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.

Thanks for sharing with us today, Pepper!!  
Readers, don't forget to sign up for a chance for a free copy of Pepper's Debut: The Thorn Bearer!

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  1. You guys are awesome!! So many fantastic gals...and writers!! Thanks for letting me join the party for today. I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement!

  2. HAPPY FRIDAY Ladies! Thank you for the interview with Pepper! I enjoyed learning more about her and her new release. The cover is excellent! :) I can't wait to read The Thorn Bearer. Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Caryl,
      Thanks for your kind words about the cover! I was so excited about it when I first saw it. Beautiful colors and it really set a great mood for the story

  3. Great interview! And I'm very curious now about the Dark Knight Chocolate Torte recipe she mentioned. :) The Thorn Bearer sounds like a great book and it is on my list of books to read.

    1. M and R,
      If I have a chance to pull out the recipe when I get home, I'll try and post it. It's a flourless torte! YUMMY!

  4. This Torte recipe sounds sinful. Can we still eat it? I feel like I should be shunned just for asking...

  5. Absolutely loved Pepper's debut novel! I've read it and reviewed it. If this giveaway is for a paper copy, throw my name in the hat.
    If you haven't read it yet, get it and move it up to next to be read!

    1. Gail,
      You're awesome!
      I just needed to say that again :-)

  6. This was a great treat in that many Christian fiction books have little to no faith element. That was so strong in this book thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd love a paperback for my forever shelves!

    1. Rachael,
      You are SO kind!!! Thanks for the shout-out!

  7. This book sounds amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!!!

    1. Thanks for the excitement, Lisa. I hope you enjoy it.

  8. Ohhhhhh I can't to read this. For a debut novel you've made a huge splash. The cover is just gorgeous it really draws me in as does the story itself. I would love a paperback copy of this to read and share with my daughter.

    1. Thanks Deanne,
      I hope it will be a story that really touches hearts! So far, it's seemed to! That's the best part for me :-)

  9. I enjoy a good Edwardian Historical Fiction! Yes... I'm hooked :)
    I enjoyed meeting you & learning more about you.. thanks for a chance
    to win a copy of your book :)

    1. Deanna,
      I hope you have a chance to read it! It's been such a wonderful story to create!

  10. This book has been on my to-read list ever since Charity Andrews talked about it on her blog & Facebook! Gorgeous cover, wonderful story, new-to-me author...can't get better then that! Enjoyed the interview, thanks for the chance to win a fabulous book :-)

    1. Trixi,
      Congrats on your win through Sarah Ruut's blog! I hope you enjoy the story!!

  11. What a great book to win. Love your giveaways.

  12. Just the cover of the book has captured my attention - striking!! And sounds like a great story too. Looking forward to reading it.

    1. Kym,
      I know! I fell in love with the cover when I saw it! I can't imagine what they'll do with book 2!!

  13. Wow! I posted this and then went camping off the grid---what fun here! :)

  14. Thanks for the interview and giveaway ladies! Congrats on your new release Pepper.


  15. What a fun interview! Thank you for sharing with us Pepper. :)


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