Friday, May 8, 2015

Day Five ~ The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection Giveaway! LAST DAY!

Here we are! We've reached the final day of The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection Giveaway. We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the authors, the settings, and most of all the heroes of our stories.

This blog hop has been a collaborative effort, and I have to give shouts out to the fabulous authors who were so willing to join Gabe and I on this jaunt. Thank you to Amanda and Suzie. To Cynthia and Shannon. To Connie and Gina and Kathleen.

And thank you to YOU, our readers. We LOVE YOU! :)

We have two final blog posts for you today to celebrate the end of the blog hop and the release of The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection.

Today's first stop is at to read a post by Kathleen Y'Barbo. Kathleen is a sweet woman who always has a smile and encouraging word. And she's a fantastic writer, too! :) Her story in the collection is titled "The Final Baker Bride." 

Louisiana, 1889 - Per their father's will, all three Baker brothers must marry before a massive inheritance can be bestowed upon them, but Rit is in no hurry to wed. Octavia Derby was blessed with wealth, but believes money makes for a poor marriage, so she is determined to wed a poor man.

And the second blog hop stop is right here at CC&C, written by yours truly, Erica Vetsch. :)  My story title is "The Archaeologist's Find."

New York 1898 - Archaeologist James Maxwell Kirkland's finds in Egypt have made him a very wealthy man - and a very eligible bachelor. Alicia Davidson would like nothing better than to spend every day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art sketching artifacts. Drawn to each other within the halls of the museum, will their friendship survive when society reveals their true identities?

It was NOT a hardship to write about this handsome fellow. :)
I had so much fun writing Max and Ally's story. I have always loved Egyptology, and when I get the chance to visit a museum with Egyptian artifacts, I always head there first. The sheer age of the artifacts, the beauty and style. I just love it. Even the mummies, though they aren't beautiful, are fascinating.

Ally had just the right amount of both spunk and dreamer in her eyes. 
Another fascination of mine are the daughters of Gilded Age tycoons. Many of these girls were married off to wealthy men, or titled Europeans, with little or no say in the matter. These "Dollar Princesses" were more than chattel to be used for business or social or political gain. They were real women with thoughts and emotions and dreams and desires. My heart hurts for them. They were wealthy, but were they happy? Did they know the beauty of a loving marriage?

Have you visited the MET? Do you enjoy Egyptology?
Michelle Fail is the winner of last week's giveaway of The Wood's Edge!!

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  1. Looks like such a fun story, Erica! I've never visited the MET, have you? But, I did get to see the King Tut display and that was very cool!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this week! So fun! I loved this story. I am going to hug my girl's (20 somethings) and remind them that they are precious to me and in His sight. How difficult it would be to be "sold" like that! I visited an Egyptian display years ago at our local science museum. We had studied ancient history for years but that mummification fascinated my son. : / Of course my little daughters squealed and ran from the room! ; ) Blessings to you all!!!

  3. Ladies, congratulations on your release of The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection. Thank you CC&C for this blog hop. It has been a fun celebration. I've enjoyed getting to know the authors and their stories. I can't wait to read TMEBC.

    Erica, I've not been to the MET. Egyptology is indeed fascinating. HAPPY FRIDAY LADIES!

  4. Great post, Erica! And I love your story. :)

    I haven't been to NYC, but I did see King Tut's Treasures. I was only 7 but I remember quite a bit of it. It's astonishing to view artefacts that are THAT old. I recently saw the Dead Sea think, these were in existence when Jesus was alive. Amazing.

  5. This entire book sounds amazing! I can't wait to read it!!


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