Monday, May 4, 2015

A Call to Prayer

I believe in prayer.
I believe in a communion with God where we "walk together in the cool of the day" as described in the Genesis account.

I believe in prayer as a constant listening and talking with God the Father, Jesus the Christ, given voice and understanding through the Holy Spirit.

I rejoice that no matter what may lay ahead when I awake, or what may have transpired by day's end, that nothing can separate me from this sweet communion.

I rejoice when because of prayers, my spirit is lifted, my heart mended, my mind calmed with peace, my paths find direction, my anxieties are settled, mercy and grace are dispensed, and moments of God-whispers rock sweetly through my spirit ears.

I don't know exactly how God sets up his Kingdom on earth. But I rejoice when that Spirit-whisper happens, and I get to experience a little touching of the heavenly Kingdom with this earthly one. Sometimes its just "he's lonely", or "help that woman", or "listen longer", or "encourage that couple today."

Other times, as in the Lord's Prayer, we just wait for the Kingdom to come. We wait as in the days after Christ's ascension. We wait for Pentecost. Though we ask for peace in the world, we see violence such as happened in Baltimore this week. We don't know how it happens, but we trust and keep asking for His Kingdom to come on this earth as it is in heaven. We ache as we wait and watch Nepal and ask God to send His people to heal and to rescue. We hope for peace in the Middle East, in our schools, our land.

But the thing is....we BELIEVE.
We believe God is present.
We believe God hears our cries.
We believe He moves.
We trust in Him.
In God we trust.

And so it was and so it is.

This week on Thursday, May 7th, is National Day of Prayer. 
We have the freedom to pray. 
Our founding fathers first urged the nation to national prayer and fasting on March 7, 1778, during the American Revolution. It began as the Continental Congress passed this resolution of a proclamation of prayer and fasting:

From the Journals of the Continental Congress:

"Whereas, Almighty God, in the righteous dispensation of his providence, hath permitted the continuation of a cruel and desolating war in our land; and it being at all times the duty of a people to acknowledge God in all his ways, and more especially to humble themselves before him when evident tokens of his displeasure are manifested; to acknowledge his righteous government; confess, and forsake their evil ways; and implore his mercy:
Resolved, That it be recommended to the United States of America to set apart Wednesday, the 22d day of April next, to be observed as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer; that at one time, and with one voice, the inhabitants may acknowledge the righteous dispensations of Divine Providence, and confess their iniquities and transgressions, for which the land mourneth; that they may implore the mercy and forgiveness of God; and beseech him that vice, prophaneness, extortion, and every evil, may be done away; and that we may be a reformed and happy people; that they may unite in humble and earnest supplication, that it may please Almighty God, to guard and defend us against our enemies, and give vigour and success to our military operations by sea and land; that it may please him to bless the civil rulers and people, strengthen and perpetuate our union, and, in his own good time, establish us in the peaceable enjoyment of our rights and liberties; that it may please him to bless our schools and seminaries of learning, and make them nurseries of true piety, virtue and useful knowledge; that it may please him to cause the earth to yield its increase, and to crown the year with his goodness.
And it is recommended to the inhabitants of the United States to abstain, on that day, from labour and recreations."

We have the freedom to pray. Last I checked, no one can take that away!
Don't be disheartened by the violence of men, the wars of nations, or the seeming silence of God. Don't dismiss your call to pray.
But rather: Pray. Believe. Wait. Listen.
This week please leave your prayer requests listed in the comments here or on the Facebook post. 
Share the blog post with your friends, ask them to pray and add their requests.

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  1. It's sometimes amazing to me that the God of the Universe listens to me and cares about me. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, his blood covers sinful me and I can go to God directly and make my requests known to him.
    My most urgent request right now is for my future daughter-in-law to be able to use her masters degree in library science to obtain a job. They get married July 11.
    Also the healing of my leg. I've started putting a little weight on it now but I tire easily and it hurts a bit at times.
    Please know that anyone that makes a prayer request here will be prayed for by me. Thank you for the chance to share mine.

    1. I so agree, Gail. It's astonishing to know the Creator loves me, and you, and everyone throughout all time. May your DIL find the path God has for her with grace and peace, and a speedy recovery for your leg. Amen!


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