Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Today's post is going to be image heavy, because I visited my local historical society museum to view an exhibit of vintage wedding dresses. It was blissful!
Dress from 1914. The Headpiece is from 1886 and was worn by the bride's mother on her wedding day.

Sleeve detail from 1914 dress.

This dress was made by the bride, Emma Foster, of blue merino wool for her wedding day, July 3, 1881 in Byron, MN

Silk wedding gown from 1910. 

Exquisite silk and Belgian lace. 1913

Silk pumps. 1913

Silk brocade and silk crepe. 1893

Back view of silk crepe gown. 1893

Silk bodice (with amazing pleating!) worn by Edith Graham in 1893 for her wedding to Doctor Charles Mayo.

Edith's wedding shoes

High laced wedding shoes.

Edith and Dr. Charlie.

Organza and lace wedding bodice 1901

Closeup of the lovely lace on this bodice.

Walter and Ada Johnson on their wedding day, Sept. 24th 1917

Ada Schmidt made this dress for her wedding to Walter Johnson in 1917. Silk satin and silver bouillon lace.

Cotton chemise and petticoat 1917.

Silk and seed pearl wedding gown, 1917.

Close up of seed pearls. 1917

Verna Weaver on her wedding day wearing the silk and seed pearl gown (and the cotton chemise and petticoat.) She sewed the dress herself from a Ladies' Home Journal pattern)

Silk and lace gown. So very traditional. 1920's

Not all wedding gowns were white. This dress (with matching hat and coat) was worn by Pearl Kramer at her wedding to William Waxweiler in 1925. 

Pearl Kramer's wedding overcoat. 1925

Pearl and William on their wedding day in 1925. I love her cloche hat.

The wedding dress of Phoebe (Mayo) Walters, 1921. A mix of traditional and cutting edge daring. A knee-length dress with a gauzy veil and enormous bouquet. 

Phoebe Mayo Walters wedding photo. 1921

Phoebe's wedding veil. 1921

A war-bride gown. November 1942. Rayon Faille

War bride and groom September 1943

Silk with lace overlay. 1943 
One last pair of wedding shoes,! :) 

My mother made my wedding dress, and this past year, my husband and I celebrated 25 years. I wonder if my dress will grace a wedding gown display one day? Who knows? It's aging beautifully.

Which dress in this lineup would you want to wear?

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  1. Loved the 1913 one! And the Mayo couple. Did you notice the tiny waists in each dress?! My wedding dress was hand-made by a dear mentor of ours from our college days. She hand-stitched over 900 pearls on it. What a labor of love and prayers! But I haven't taken it from it's box in our closet since then.

    1. That sounds beautiful. Maybe we should do a post on our own wedding dresses. :)

  2. I like the silk one from 1910. Fun to browse through these pictures. I made my wedding dress almost 30 years ago! I used to think that people who were married 25+ years were old. Perspective sure changes as you get older, doesn't it?!

    1. Yep! When I was a kid, I thought thirty was old...silly me!

  3. What a beautiful exhibit! I love the final gown from 1943 and the one before it. I once went to an historic wedding gown exhibit with gowns from the 19th c forward, but no pics were allowed...though I *may* have snuck one or two. ;)

    1. They said take all the pics you want, as long as you don't use flash. :) I love museums that let you do that.

    2. That is awesome! Not too many do. Always so disappointing when that happens.

  4. I'm more attuned to everything wedding since my son is getting married in July. It's amazing to see the different styles and how they change over the years. My mother and grandmothers were just married in simple suits. I was married in 1981 in a white gown and veil ordered from the JC Penny catalog for $120. My daughter married in 2006 in a gown that cost $1,000 (not including the veil)! Mine would be considered old fashioned by today's standards.

    1. I think I prefer the 'old fashioned' gowns to most of today's styles. I like the "Grace Kelly" kind of gown that is sweet and virginal.

  5. Love these! I prefer old style compared to today's fashion. My mom made mine 15 years ago and sewed about 200 pearls on it by hand. It is awesome to know the love that went into it. As for the shoes, how tiny were their feet?!?!

    1. Your dress sounds lovely, Susan. And yeah, there is no way I could get my clodhoppers into those tiny shoes...of course, I couldn't manage the wasp-waists on those dresses either!

  6. Beautiful post and pics, Erica - thank you!!

    I couldn't choose a fave, too many beautiful dresses - love them all, although - like you, no way I could fit into any of the dresses or shoes, lol!!

    Good idea for a post on the history of the wedding dresses (and the weddings) of each of you. It would be most enjoyable!!

    1. I'll see if I can rope the gals into a wedding post featuring each of our dresses. :)

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