Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Gift of Sisterhood

This is my sister.

Let me share our story with you.

We never grew up with sisters. In fact, we grew up miles apart both with an older brother, both homeschooled at one point in our lives, both often feeling ... sort of like the odd one out.

And then one day, we met. Pushed together by the sheer force of God and no other credit is due because it truly was that miraculous.

Have you ever looked back in your life and realized you were living a miracle and never knew it? I love the quiet miracles that sneak up on you.

Halee is one of my quiet miracles.

She is my sister in crime. We will ALWAYS help each other bury dead bodies if necessary (the need hasn't arisen yet, but you never know). She is my sister in soul. We experience that hollowness when we're apart. Something neither of us never knew existed in this world. Not until we finally met our sister.

Have you ever watched Steel Magnolias? Me neither. Well, not until last week when perched on a memory foam mattress, Halee and I settled in with fried okra and she forced me to drink water instead of coffee, and we turned on this Southern classic. Halee had been intent on inducting me into her Southern roots. She kept saying "it's like the SisterChucks".

You see, the SisterChucks is the extended version of Halee and myself. There are four other
delightful sisters that have also been a part of this quiet miracle that we call sisterhood. So, as we began to indulge in Steel Magnolias, it became very clear ... each sister was a Steel Magnolia. Six of them, six of us. Very diverse personalities and yet bound by a tie so much stronger and deeper than blood. Forged by life.

As Halee and I watched, we laughed how each SisterChucks really was identified by a Steel Magnolia. Until I finally looked at Halee and admitted, "I'm Ouiser, aren't I?" Halee laughs. "Well, I sort of thought it'd be safer if you figured that out for yourself."

I'm all right being "Ouiser". Because Halee is "Clairee". She is the class to my country, the sass to my snark, the brain to my emotion. That balance which is why we both feel incomplete without the other.

I am learning about the gift of sisterhood. I could write a blog tribute to each sister of the SisterChucks (and maybe I will!), because each of them fulfill a different part of me, and I in return. Without them, my family is ... missing something. Even our husbands have learned to accept the sisters intrusions ;) into each other's lives. So often I am conversing via phone text/messaging with a sister and Nathan will look at me and with a slight smile and a stern raise of his brow remark, "put the sisters down, it's time to eat".

But he grew up with sisters. Four of them. So he knows something that I never did. Sisters are
inseparable. Sisters are impenetrable. Sisters are remarkable. 

Today, I have returned home to my husband and children. I love them so much. But today, I also have this melancholy ache, right here (*Jaime taps heart), because I left Halee miles away with our Steel Magnolia dvd and container of Okra chips.

Sometimes the gift of sisterhood hurts. But it's a pain I'm more than willing to endure. Because sisters will never, ever break free from my heart.

Do you have a sister?

Winner of last week's book drawing "The Creole Princess" is: Linsey Adair

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  1. I have three sisters. Each unique - each with a special place in my heart but in different ways. I miss my sister, Lyn more than I can explain in a comment here. This post is very very real to my heart, Jaime. There've been times when Jerry's had to call me OFF the phone when I've talked to one of my sisters too. ':) Thanks for this, Jaime! Love you!

    1. Love you too, Joy!!! I'm so glad you have precious sisters in your world too!!

  2. I carry you in my heart... e.e. cummings

  3. I have no sisters - grew up on a farm with 3 brothers. Boy was that an adventure! I now have 3 sisters-in-law, but only one of them is like you described above. Hmm, maybe it's the homeschooling thing. ;) (she was homeschooled and both of us are homeschooling our littles now) I hear you about finding a non-blood sister out there! They do exist!!
    Thank you for sharing - reading posts by you all always makes me smile.

  4. Unfortunately, I have no sisters...and no sisters-in-law. I don't think I ever will. Sometimes this makes me so sad, like that ache in your chest sad. And then I remember I have mom...and she's kinda like a sister. So thankful for her!

    1. Sometimes moms are EXACTLY what we need!

  5. So much love! I feel like I've known you my whole life. And I love knowing if I end up with a dead body on my hands, you'll help me hide/dispose of the body, no questions asked. ;) That's love.

  6. Love this post, Jaime!!

    I don't have any blood sisters - however, do have a sister who is one of those miracles you mentioned. We are so much alike, and both know that our friendship is one ordained of God. I have numerous really close female friends who I have known for 35+ years, however, there is both a physical and spiritual connection between my "sister" and I that transcends that of any other of my friendships - even though I have only known her a couple of years. We totally "get" each other. I can so relate to your feelings of pain when you long to share your moments of joy or sorrow face-to-face - instead of in an e-mail, text, etc. - but can't as she is several states away.

    By the way, I loved "Steel Magnolias", and Ouiser was my fave character!!


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