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Interview & Book #Giveaway - Peter Leavell

We are so happy to host Peter Leavell on our blog today! He is an author new to Coffee Cups and Camisoles, but for those of you who enjoy a good Inspirational Western, this is for you!  And, he has delighted us here at the CCC Blog to bring us a great interview and a wonderful book giveaway!

So Peter ...

1. What inspired your latest story idea?
Deep inside a diary, the cowboy confessed he had a conversation with an elderly man. “I want to raise horses in the Dakota Territory,” the cowboy said. “No,” the old man replied. “Ain’t no money in it.” So the cowboy went to Texas and became a cowhand. West for the Black Hills is the story of the cowboy, only in my novel, he decides to follow his dreams and raise Arabian horses.

2. What is your favorite characteristic about your story’s hero and heroine?

My favorite characteristic of Philip is his capacity for love. He deeply feels for his horses and the heroine, Anna. Anna’s greatest characteristic is her self-dependency. We view cowboys as knights on the range, chivalrously protecting fair maidens—even so, Anna carries her own gun. I love that.

3. Please tell us about the spiritual theme of your story you hope every reader is challenged by:

God can control every aspect of our lives, as well as the hearts of those who love us or hate us. So why allow evil that will force us to take action against villains and sin? Why must Philip pick up a gun to protect Anna, when God could stop the bad men? What repulsive things must we do to protect the ones we love, and how will that change us for the better?

4. Jaime & I are coffee addicts. Erica & Gabrielle are tea lovers. What about you? Coffee or Tea?

I’m a social coffee drinker, but tea is my baby. I love a brew called ‘monk’s blend’ sold in downtown Boise, ID. Love love it.

5. Favorite historical movie? Or mini-series?
Into the West always caught my imagination, mostly because of the costumes. The Conspirator and Glory are very high on my list, but make me cry. Every time. Talking period pieces, though, on the whole, I hinge on every world of the Michael Redgrave 1952 version of The Importance of Being Earnest.

6. While Jaime loves to take selfies, and Erica loves museums, I love Pinterest and food pics. Share a food pic, a favorite family recipe, or link us to your latest pin on Pinterest.
Because of allergy dietary restrictions in our family, our daily fare looks like this. But everyone wants our plates! No. You can’t have them.

7. Always wanted to be an author? Or surprised your path led you to publish?

My grandmother challenged me to have a novel published by age 16. It just took 20 years longer. Yes, an author has always been my dream.

8. Favorite century to read? To write? To watch on TV or in a movie?

I love all centuries to read and write, but I hate working the same century twice in a row. Variety!

9. Favorite heroine of all time, and why?

My favorite heroine is you, the reader. You take the time to study, to better your minds through reading and research. In a culture that many feel your body is your only asset, you’re a tutor to yourself, you devour any book you can get your hands on—and we both know being smart is sexy and interesting. And most of all, useful. You’re a hero.

Thanks Peter! and Readers ... don't forget to enter the giveaway for Peter's latest novel!

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  1. Thanks for hosting me! And the questions—just plain fun. Thanks!

    1. YAY!! So glad to have you here, Peter!! :)

  2. Awesome questions and answers! Anne asks some of the best questions, doesn't she? She gets to the heart of the story and the author. It was fun learning more about you, Peter, and your passion for writing.

    By the way, yay for Team Tea!!! :)

  3. Interesting answers, Peter! Good to see you on here.

    1. Thanks, Arlene! (Are you a tea or coffee girl?)

  4. Did Peter have to wear a camisole to be on the blog? Inquiring minds want to know...

    1. The pictures are long gone, Mike. You can't prove I used a camisole!

    2. I have people working on plausible deniability now, so you have no hope of proving it :)

  5. Wow lots of fun answers and comments from readers. Haha Michael, we'll never tell! Oh, and you're right, I want the plates!!

    1. Thanks, Anne, for the interview! Lots of fun! But no. Our plates!

  6. "West for Black Hills" sounds great, Peter! I love it when characters go against "advice" and follow their hearts and passions! In this case, raising horses in Dakota :-) Both my husband and I love a good western fiction book and especially inspirational ones. Don't seem to be very many out there, this would be a well-read and probably well-loved one in our house! Thank you so much for coming to talk about your book and yourself a bit on the blog.
    And by the way, I have my two cups of coffee in the morning but I do love a good cup of hot tea too! I also drink a lot of cold brewed tea, especially love making sun tea in the summer! And as for your plates...well they are very pretty, but I'm a bit partial to mine as we bought them when we first got married 18 years ago. So I won't be fighting to get my hands on yours, lol!
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book, Peter! Blessings to you and yours :-)

    1. Thanks, Trixi! A cold glass of iced tea is always in my hands. Love that. And this May, my 18th anniversary will hit! I have to look up what day though. Don't tell anyone...


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