Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Grown Up Children Doing Grown Up Things

Erica here:

I have two children, both of whom are now adults. And lately they've been doing adult things.

One has:

Gotten her own health insurance (including dental.)
Made an appointment and took herself to the dentist for a check-up sans parents.
Gotten a credit card.
Opened an IRA account.
Applied for a home loan.
Gone house-hunting.
Filled out tax forms.
Began attending a weekly Bible study for post-college age singles.

The other has:

Renewed his driver's license sans parents.
Taken himself to the dentist for a check-up.
Opened an IRA account.
Rolled over a CD at the bank.
Filled out tax forms.
Begun looking for a car.

So many adult things. They are proud of themselves when they accomplish new, grown up things, but there's some trepidation and feelings of being overwhelmed, too. The picture above pretty much describes them both at the end of tough days.

I had a friend who told me once about her young son, who said, "I can't wait to be a dult. When I am a dult, I will do dult things all the time."
Thankfully, I'm a writer, so I don't have to grow up or do 'dult' things very often. :)

What milestones are your kids hitting these days?

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  1. My boys just turned 5. Yesterday one of my boys said to his grandpa: "I'll hug you, but I won't kiss you. I'm too big for kisses now." :( I chased him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said: "You'll never be too big for Mama kisses." :) He said I could kiss him--but not anyone else. :) Registering them for Kindergarten today!!! :(

    1. Oh man, registering for Kindergarten, that's a big milestone! I bet they are so excited!

  2. My oldest is looking at colleges, getting ready for her driver's license, taking 2 AP exams and the SAT next month...and I'm simultaneously proud and grieving! Growing up is what they're supposed to do, I know. But it's a bit bittersweet sometimes.

    1. It IS bittersweet. We want them to do and explore and become...but we want them to stay and be, too.

  3. yup, that's so me. :) My adulting cup gets filled pretty quickly these days and then I just can't hold anymore for a while. Not by myself, anyways. Thank God for such a supportive mom! <3

  4. Last month my middle son bought a house! He keeps coming back, though. Oddly enough, it is usually around meal time. ;)

    1. LOL! That IS odd! Nothing like Mom's cookin'.

  5. My kids are 49 and 43 years old, so have been adults for quite some time, however, I remember my 13 year old granddaughter telling me when she was only, perhaps, 6 years old - she never wanted to grow up. Wise enough, at even such a young age, to realize that she was one blessed kid, LOL!!


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