Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finding Your Voice

I love The Voice. One of the big reasons why is the coaches. They really learn their team and the different styles and the push and urge the singers to really step out, to take challenges, and then they cheer them on...and give them constructive criticism.

I'm always reminded when I watch it that I want to find my voice. As writers, did you know we have distinct voices? Readers, this might be a new term for you, but I know you what I mean. Voice. It's the style in which a specific author writes that draws you in, hooks you, and wins your loyalty to each new release. It's not just a good story and great characters, it's the language in which the author writes.

I love the voice of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Didn't know I read the classics, did you? LOL. So, Hawthorne is known for "The Scarlett Letter". But, my favorite is "The House of Seven Gables". His voice is haunting, spooky, and nostalgic. Hawthorne brings together a story with the voice of someone who breathes mystery. Though the classics are often known for wordy prose and descriptions, every word he penned told a part of the story. It is his voice that speaks to me. It might not to you. This is the beauty of the written word. It resonates with different people across the span of time.

So, while I work on my novella--my first published work (SQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!)--one of the things I wonder (worry) about, is my voice. I know my voice. But my readers don't. Not yet--at least not in story form. Will they like it? Will it resonate with them? Will they yawn by page two?

THESE are the questions that riddle my brain as I write! A lot of you have mentioned you want to know the process in writing a book. LOL Well, over coffee this morning, in our little blog chat, this is what's been on my mind as I tackle edits on my novella. Voice.

EEEK!!! It's an exciting journey.

What author resonates with you? Who's author voice do you find appealing and why? 


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  1. I really enjoy Sheila Roberts. After I read my first book of hers I went to the book store and searched out every book of hers I could find. I've loved everyone! She writes real true life characters with lots of fun, humor and of course romance. Although not classified as a Christian writer, she writes clean. I'm on her street team, Sheila's Girls.
    Jaime, if and when you get an influencer team together I'd love to be on it!

    1. I'll have to check her books out. I've never read her.

  2. It is the character for me and how the author portrays them. That's what resonates with me.

    1. I agree. I'm very character driven in my reading

  3. For me it's Essie Summers and Dick Francis, and their voices have nothing in common except that they are unique. :)

  4. I love Susan Meissner and Kate Morton. Their literary styles blow me away. Every time I read one of their books I find myself wishing I had been granted a voice like theirs!

    1. I haven't read Kate, but I agree with Susan's!!

  5. 3 of my fave authors are Julie Lessman, Laura Frantz, and MaryLu Tyndall - just a few of the many elements I love in their writing are the passion/emotion, family scenes, and unexpected twists in Julie's, the graceful/rhythmic beauty of Laura's words, excitement and unusual plots in MaryLu's. I love the characters, descriptions, and inspiration in each of their books. Looking forward to learning your author voice, Jaime!!


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