Friday, April 17, 2015

Book Report & Giveaway: The Creole Princess, by Beth White

I read a new (to me) author this past week. I thought the premise was very unique and worth highlighting.

Set in the Colonial Gulf Coast during the American Revolutionary War, this novel highlights many historical features that are far less familiar to the story of the war for freedom.

For those of you who love dashing and flamboyant heroes, you will find Rafael, a Spanish merchant, a rogue of the Latin sort. Who knew Spain was an active part of the Revolutionary War? I sure didn't. But, here you go! A questionable casanova who may not be who he truly seems.

Our heroine, Lyse, is a mishmash of heritage and embodies the Creole world. Spunky and adventurous, her verbal sparring with Rafael provides the reader with much entertainment.

Wrapped around and in between their love/hate story, is also more romance and intrigue as the reader meets characters Simon, Daisy, Scarlett and nefarious characters steeped in the espionage from "a little-known slice" of the American Revolutionary War.

Want an opportunity to read it?

Enter here to win your copy!

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  1. I've read so much about this book and would be so honored to win.

  2. I read the first one, The Pelican Bride, and loved it. Have been anxiously awaiting this one - would be even better if I could win it!

  3. Have been reading the reviews of "The Creole Princess" reviewed elsewhere, also - looks like a wonderful novel, would love to read it. Love stories of the American Revolutionary War - as with you, had no idea Spain was involved, anxious to learn more.


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