Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Day in the Life of ... Jaime? :P

How's your coffee this mornin'? :) Mine's yummy. Grabbed some in my office and I'm on the road headed out for some visits with employees.

What do I do? Yeah, I actually have a JOB! LOL I wish I spent all day at the coffee shop writing my little heart out. But I can't.

I am, wait for it, the longest titled person in the world: Director of Sales, Development, & Associate Relations. Yep yep. We acronym it to DOSDAR but if you tell anyone else that, their eye brows raise in complete confusion.

My day sort of breaks down with coffee first thing, then it's a hodge podge of projects and employee management throughout the day. I oversee our Ops and Sales Managers, help direct motivational programs for the employees, hire, fire, guide staff training, steer my admin in employee/HR management issues that involve insurances, FMLA, and the like, vision plan for leadership training for our management, assist the CEO in company vision and development, and try to have a pulse on the overall direction of the company as it relates to our people and sales. I really love my job. I love our people!! We have some phenomenal employees. The technology field of the cellular industry is something I never thought I'd build a career in, and yet, here I am. The good thing is, I only need to know people and understand sales, I don't need to know the insides of an actual cell phone, tablet, or hotspot.

So I'm visiting District West today. It'll be fun. I'll brainstorm more on my next book on the way there in the car. I might grab a few moments to write another scene on my novella which is quickly coming to a The End, and then I'll meet with staff and management. Onward to home, a few more minutes at the office to wrap up for the day and then home.

Home usually brings an element of familiar chaos. Two kiddos yelling "mommy" the instant I enter the door. Thank goodness my youth pastor husband gets home before me or we'd be eating dinner at 8 pm and it'd be burnt. I will admit that cooking and baking are quite low on my short list of talents. In fact, my husband claimed that household duty for the very survival of our family.

Then it's either family night or youth group night, with Cocomo Jo's AWANA Cubbies, and Peter Pan's snuggle butt time with Mommy reading Mator books. Bedtime by 8 pm and then at least an hour hammering out some word count before I work out (Ugh - when I'm motivated), and then bed. Sweet, blissful, bed.

Yep Yep. That's my day. How does your day break down? What are your favorite parts and most hated?


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  1. Whew! What an interesting/busy life you lead. Happy to hear your novella is nearing The End. My life consists of attending a Ladies Bible Study twice a month and Shabbat Class twice a month. I'm in between jobs until the Lord opens that door. Have a Terrific Tuesday! :)

    1. OOOO!!! Now I know how to pray for you!

  2. Congrats on your 10 yr work anniversary!

  3. Yay for an almost completed novella!!! You have a full plate, Jaime. :) It's fun getting a glimpse into your daily life.

    1. Plates full but tastes delicious!! :)

  4. You are one busy mama. I don't know how you fit it all in and still have an ounce of energy left. You are an inspiration...and very good at propping up a friend who is wilting under editorial pressures. :)

  5. What a fun post, Jaime! You are BUSY! My day sounds boring compared to yours. :) I'm so happy your novella is almost complete. Congratulations on that! My days hold taking care of boys and hubby (except when he's traveling--then it's boys and house). My goal is to squeeze in 1-2 hours of writing time (either blog or story) a day. Some days I make it; others I don't.

    Working out is low on my list of priorities...though it should be higher.

    So glad I stopped by here today. :)

    1. SO glad you stopped by too!! don't be a stranger :) Your days sound super full too!!! Boys can keep a momma super busy!

  6. Enjoyed your post and learning more about your daily life, Jaime - thank you!! Sounds like you have many varied duties, which should help keep your job from getting boring - but could also make it more stressful. I'm wondering how large an area you travel to check in on employees, how many employees are involved, and how many hours are usually involved in your work day?? You have a busy life with many "irons in the fire" - thanks for taking the time to keep in touch with your blog and Facebook readers (and future novel readers, YAY)!!

    Since I am retired and live alone, my life isn't as disciplined as yours - or as it probably should be, lol. I spend much time online - encouraging writers/authors, read and review books, write posts for the Overcoming With God blog, am also dabbling with writing other short pieces. I am a POA for my aunt who has health issues - handling the payroll for her caregivers, assisting with hiring and firing of caregivers and other issues (unemployment, etc.), handle the completing and filing of caregiver work sheets for insurance reimbursement, transport my aunt to doctor appointments, purchase meds and fill med boxes, grocery shopping (and any other kind of shopping), and errands galore (bank, post office, etc., etc.). My mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's - I now handle the purchase of, and setting up, of her meds, transport her to doctor appointments, and help her with shopping and errands, also. My father has stage 4 cancer, I try to relieve him of as many responsibilities re: my mother, as possible. This month is a busy month, full of my own doctor/testing appointments, due to my breast cancer surgery last May.


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