Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 Ways to Seduce a Writer

Erica here; This last...hmmm...four months? Yeah, about four months. I've been under one deadline or another for weeks and weeks and weeks. Which is YAY for a writer, because it means you have something in the publishing pipeline. 

But it's also stressful, and not just on the writer but on their family as well. So when I found this list on Facebook yesterday, I knew my beloved family was due for a shout-out. You see, as I read this list of ten ways to get to a writer's heart, I realized that my family...particularly my husband...well, they do all of these things. 

It's been a rocky haul this past few months, with scraped-together meals, odd sleep schedules, a lot of my time taken with writing, editing, proofing, marketing, webinars, blog tours, etc. I am blessed to have a supportive family that pulls together when I need them.

Do you have a writer in the family? Are you a writer? Does this list resonate with you? And if you're not a writer, what sorts of things could your family do that would speak love into your heart?

Oh, and happy tax day...yeah...I had to pay in taxes this year. Blah. 

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  1. I love it when my husband sends me to my office with encouragement to keep going and "get-r-done!" I love simple words of encouragement and appreciation. I love it when my husband cooks!

    1. Oh yeah, the husband that cooks is a keeper. Last night, my husband was doing laundry! I love that man!

  2. My husband is demonstrating the worse part of our wedding vows of "for better or for worse". Since I've fractured my leg, he has to do everything. My leg that is not fractured needs knee replacement, so walking on crutches is very hard. He mostly has to use a wheelchair with me. But he is getting to be quite the cook. As much as I dreamed about being waited on, now that I have to be, I hate it!

    1. Oh, Gail, I'm so sorry that you're going through such a trying and frustrating time. I'm glad your husband is there to help you and that he's honing his culinary skills! :) Get better SOON!

  3. So glad to hear you have a supportive family! I love that list. I'm not a writer, but I'll keep it handy to spoil my writer friends. It is odd how many people have said they had to pay taxes this year, instead of a return. We did, too! Not fun.

    1. Susan, your writer friends will be blessed by your thoughtfulness.:)

      My daughter got her tax refund today...first year we couldn't claim her on our taxes...:(

  4. I'm thankful for those supportive author families - without them, readers would have fewer wonderful books to read. Since I live alone and have 3 sick senior members in my family (and my own health issues), I'm grateful for my brother's help - couldn't accomplish as much as we do without working together re: their needs. Always doing all I can to support Christian Fiction authors, including buying their books and sharing coffee/tea with them!!


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