Wednesday, March 25, 2015

VLOG: Answer your questions!

HEY!!! A fun day today where I answer a bunch of questions you all left for me on my Facebook and do another giveaway for one of my favorite novels of 2014, Sarah Ladd's The Headmistress of Rosemere. Enjoy!!! There's a question in the video below, so be sure you listen all the way to the end, 'cause I want to hear from you!

As promised: My family pic, albeit a few years old:

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  1. Hey Jaime! I LOVED your video chat. Nice to "see" you doing so well in spite of ALL the illness in your home. So wonderful to hear that you became a believer at the tender age of 3. I have to admit I don't remember the first book that I read. I do remember always loving to read. My parents were avid readers. Have a Wonderful Wednesday. :)

  2. Loved the Vlog. Glad you seem to be recovering Jaime! Reading inspiration: Laura Ingalls Wilder was the first author to make me believe I wanted to be a better reader in second grade. But it was Janette Oke who made me fall in love with reading.

  3. That was awesome. :) I hated reading before I found (and still own) The Happy Hollisters series. And those are probably what inspired my love for mysteries and puzzle solving. As for favorite authors, of course there is Ronie Kendig, MaryLu Tyndall, Karen Witemeyer at the top of the list. I could name a bunch more that I love to read - but those are probably my go-to firsts.

  4. Thanks for the Vlog, Jaime - loved it!!

    The first book I remember reading, or having my mother read to me, was "Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories" - each short story was a lesson in character/morals - I read it to my children, also, and think I still have it stored away in a box, somewhere. It was printed around 1950, I think.

    There are so many Christian authors whose work I enjoy - however, 3 at the very top of my list will always be Julie Lessman, Laura Frantz, and MaryLu Tyndall.

    Shared post!!

  5. Love the VLOG! :)

    First book I remember reading and falling headlong in love with reading is Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    Favorite author....Probably Dick Francis...but there are so many!

  6. The first book I read was a little primer called "I am Sam". I was the only one (that I knew of anyway!) to read in my Kindergarten class, so I got to bring home little readers and read them to my mom. And the best part was, I got to KEEP them! I think the biggest book other than that was "Little Women". I loved Jo (I mean, who didn't? She was a writer!) Louisa May Alcott is one of my favorite authors. Contemporary favorites would include Susan May Warren and Melanie Dickerson.

  7. All right Jaime, loved the video, good job!! Thanks so much for answering these questions and posting that family photo, so much fun getting to know you :) I also keep a journal for writing ideas, but I also put them in my notes on my samsung phone, never know when inspiration for a new story will hit!

    The first book I read outside of school requirements was Sweet Valley High in middle school. I fell inlove with storytelling and became a lover of books. I got really annoyed that Jessica would always cause trouble and Elizabeth, her twin (i think that's their names) would always have to clean things up. But I did love their family and how they stuck together as sisters. Also in elementary school, my teacher read to us a Narnia book and I was hooked at that point.

    Fave authors: Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, Erynn Mangum, Becky Wade, & Jen Turano to start the adventures they write and they make me laugh :)

    Congrats once again on being published, I'm looking forward to reading your stories! Feel better and hugs to you :)

  8. Great giveaway and congrats on the book. I am happy you are doing well. I loved Sweet Valley High books.

  9. Love this vlog!! You had me giggling many times. :) Here's how I fell in love with reading: I failed my spelling class in 4th grade!!! True story. I hated spelling. So my teacher told me to read every word I saw. Signs, billboards, marquees, books, commercials. I still read everything I see--well, almost--the world is over-stuffed with advertising. Anyway! I remember the day I went into my school library determined to find a good book to help with my spelling (I was also a teacher's pet and hated that I had disappointed her) and found The Babysitter's Club! I devoured that series for years and fell in love with books. As for favorite authors, I HAVE read some of your I could say you. :) There are far too many for me to mention. Thank you for the fun post!!


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