Monday, March 9, 2015

My Pinteresting Week

Ok, we've already established that Jaime loves coffee and selfies more than anyone else. Erica loves museums. You already know I'm obsessed with food pics, but I love anything vintage, and Pinterest.

This week I hit 3000 followers on my Pinterest Page,so I thought I'd share a few popular pins and some of the favorites of the week.

Civil War Board: A Civil War hospital. I'd love to walk through that!

Gardening Board: These gladiolas remind me of my Grandma Emma's garden.

This scene inspired the description of a room in my current novel.

...and my morning prayers...need I say more?

This pin is from my Scenes Board. You guessed it, I've written this scene into my current novel!

This pin got a lot of hits. Perhaps I should write about the hero or heroine who lives here.

I'll have to give this hero and heroine more vintage attire, but I'd love to tell the story behind this scene. Looks fun!

 Character Board: Perhaps in river the scene above, this lady is actually the heroine.

Historical Things I Love: This photo from 1865 shows a more common lifestyle of the period and was a favorite pin of the week.

Pinterest keeps my creativity flowing. Have fun visiting!
Readers: Have you ever seen a pin that you'd like to see written into a story?
Do you have pins that remind you of your growing up years? Your grandmother's gardens?
Feel free to send me pins you think I might need to add to my boards!
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  1. Love your pics, I love vintage also, Anne!! I have a Pinterest account but haven't done anything with it - although I love looking at other's pins, I fear I would never get anything done if I got involved in it.

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