Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Coffee, Maggie Brendan, and Some Gumption #overcoming

After last week, I needed a good book to settle in with. With my coffee, my red office, and a cuddly sweater. So I picked up Maggie Brendan's latest The Trouble With Patience.

She's always been a good standby when I just want to read a traditional historical romance with the flavor of Ann Shorey or Tracie Peterson and a little bit of Karen Witemeyer's humor snuck in from time to time.

You all ... man, you blessed me last week!! I sat and read this weekend, and I even wrote a full synopsis for my next book as well as logged 1K in word count for my current WIP. (Synopsis: book summary, WIP: Work In Progress). Sometimes, I do believe God works through turmoil to bring joy. And when it comes, it's lasting. I had that warm, curled up in front of a fireplace feeling. All because of you all!! SO THANK YOU!!!

And can I just add, that you all need to read Maggie Brendan's latest? It's super cute. I like how she yearns for a dead man. (Of course I would like that). And Patience is good. Not particularly spunky, but she plugs away and has the nature of a strong woman. Which was a nice read for me. Spunky is good, spunky is probably me, but that steadfast, plug away, never-give-up attitude was refreshing to read this week. And confirming.

So where am I now?

Well, I plotted out my next book and can't wait to begin!! Because, like the heroine in Maggie's book, when you get knocked down, you get up again. You stop yearning after what's behind and look to what's ahead.

Yep Yep. So, I promise I won't keep waxing prolific about MY life. I want to hear about yours now. What have YOU overcome recently? And have you read Maggie Brendan? Because I have to plug her hero here ... he's known as the "hanging lawman". I mean what's better medicine to get the gumption to get up and get moving, than a sheriff who likes to hang his criminals. WHOOOO EEE!!!!!

But seriously, what HAVE YOU OVERCOME recently, and how has that inspired you to keep going?


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  1. You have more gumption in your pinky toe than most have in their whole bodies, Jaime Jo.

  2. We have to pick our way through the thorns to get to the roses, you've done a magnificent job!! Yes - I agree, God does use turmoil to bring joy. We enjoy it so much more that way.

    Love the cover of The Trouble With Patience - I haven't read any of Maggie Brendan's books, perhaps I should start with this one - the story line is appealing!!

    With ongoing health issues of 3 senior family members and my own - there are daily stresses, however - God brought me through a battle with cancer this past year, once again, proof that my work isn't finished. He gives me joy and the strength for what He would have me do.


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