Wednesday, February 25, 2015

13 Yr Old Me, Meet, 38 Yr Old Me

25 years. It's a long time. I remember thinking my mom was sooooo old at 40. Crud. I'm on my way to being ... old.

But it all started back when I was 13. Creative writing class came, along with pictures I was given around which to compose a story. And then ... the red pen.

I was so frustrated. Who would dare to squelch a child's creativity with a red pen? How rude and tactless and outright horrifying that they didn't understand the meaning behind every word I'd poured onto the paper. Yep. Even at 13 I was a tad feisty. Still am at 38.

So my Dad pulled me aside to try to teach me how to write. I was to write a story about an old white oak tree and the mice who lived beneath it.

Jane was born. And Sally. The mice.

William the Oak Tree.

All was right in my world.

And then ... Dad's red pen.


They're NAMES! Just NAMES! But no, my very first serious lesson in taking criticism was to learn, sometimes someone will show you something you didn't know existed. In this case, it was matching names with words that would resemble the personality of each mouse and of the wise old oak.

Tenacity was born. Felicity was born.

Whitey the White Oak. (well, I tried)

And a story evolved with a feisty little mouse full of felicity and her brothers as they dared to venture into the big wide world beneath the branches of the ever-seeing Whitey the White Oak, whose all-knowing nature was oddly allegorical to God's.

And that was when I knew ... when it all clicked ... I was born to be a writer. I was born to love the red pen and the things it would teach me. I was born to learn to Tenacity in my journey, and Felicity as I maneuvered the pitfalls, disappointments, and frustrations in the writing volume of my life.

It would be two years before I set my pen to paper to write my first novel ... and ... oh wait ... that comes tomorrow ;)

AND I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!!! All of you blessed me so much yesterday! I felt so awful not sharing news with you, but you know what, that was a part of the Lord's plan. It really was. Because so many of you jumped up to cheer me up and I was blessed on a day where so much more than the pause button went wrong ... I'm in Chicago, my Peter Pan was shipped to Gramma's with a fever and doctor visit, my Coco called me at 5 yrs old crying because she was at Nanny's the other gramma's house and "couldn't take care of Buddy and Daddy", Nate was home sicker than a dog, I got locked out of my hotel room, didn't get coffee until 10:30 am and .... we've all had days like his. COMMUNITY is such a blessing, because in the chaos, I was held up. Love you all!

And remember, it's just "Pause", so hopefully, in the near future, I can go all crazy on you again ;)

Meanwhile, what was your first story or first favorite read??


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  1. I love your style of writing already! And pause is just that...a pause. Waiting for good news!!

    1. And my Mom would say I was never good at pausing. LOL

  2. I remember in 3rd grade when I learned to write in cursive writing a short story about a cat in a tree. I wish I could find that...

    1. Right??? I want to see if my Dad has a copy of Whitey the White Oak!! LOL

  3. Pausing is never easy, but there is always a good reason when we must. I want to hear the rest of the story of the mice and the oak tree. Anyway, I'm looking forward to you hitting the "play" button.

  4. No coffee until 10:30am?? Now that's just not right!!!!

  5. Enjoyed learning more about your writing journey, Jaime, thank you!! I'm so glad that our comments brought you encouragement and love during a difficult day in your life!!

    My first stories were probably written in school Lit assignments - during which I related stories passed down by my grandparents and/or some angst from my own life. I've always been somewhat of a realist, in that respect, and loved studying one's psychological make-up, also.

  6. I love hearing about your first steps as a writer at 13 yo. My favorite story growing up was Ballet Shoes, and all the other books in that series (I can't remember the name of the author right now.) Those books inspired me to pursue a career in the arts.

    1. I never read those book. I've heard of them tho


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