Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday ~ Mayo Clinic Rochester

Erica here: I live in Rochester, MN, the home of the World Famous Mayo Clinic. The Clinic is huge here in Southeast Minnesota, and there are two satellite clinics, one in Arizona and one in Florida. Mayo employs more than 30,000 people here in Rochester, the campus is comprised of many, many buildings and two hospitals here in town.

But the Clinic wasn't always a behemoth. It actually started from humble beginnings. The Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi Heights Convent came to the aid of the city after a tornado ripped through and destroyed much of the town. In the aftermath of the storm, the sisters raised the funds to build a hospital, St. Mary's, and they asked Dr. William Worrell Mayo to be the attending physician. From these small beginnings, the mighty Mayo Clinic was born. Dr. W.W. Mayo's sons, Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie revolutionized medicine, encouraging doctors to specialize and become excellent in narrower fields of medicine. They pioneered surgical and medical treatments, clinical practices, and efficient patient/doctor interaction.

The above picture is of Sister Mary Alfred Moes, the woman who spearheaded the Franciscan efforts here in Rochester that changed the field of medicine forever. Each of the sisters who has served as the Superior General of the convent has a building at St. Mary's hospital named for her. Alfred, Frances, Joseph, Domatilla, Mary Brigh, and Generose. Sister Generose still has an office at St. Mary's.


  1. Erica, have you visited Mayowood yet?? You have to. It was a fun "museum" visit. ;)

  2. Oh yes, I love Mayowood. Especially when they decorate for Christmas.

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  4. Interesting post, Erica, thank you!! The Mayo Clinic website is always my "go to" site when I need medical info!!


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